Sunday 19 May 2013

Men Are Slaves

This is correct. We men are slaves.

All through our lives, we have been trained - taught - conditioned - to be the willing and unthinking slaves of women.

Our mothers taught us. Our sisters taught us. Our girlfriends taught us. Our female friends taught us. The other females we were around taught us. The TV shows and movies we watch taught us and reinforce it to this day.

Do as they say, as they want...

...their weapon was and is shame. Used as brutally as a club to the heart. Over and over, with cruel intent, to train us to do as they want, to be what they want.

To be their slave.

If we speak out about it, if we resist, we are immediately shamed.

We have not been taught how to resist their shaming. We have only been taught to submit to their will. All the years of our lives.

Every man must submit to their will. In their minds, it is a crime if we do not. It is incredibly difficult, after fifteen-plus years of constant indoctrination, to resist - to see - to not do immediately what they expect you to do. After all that conditioning, your instant reflex is to simply do it, as natural as breathing, as steady as a heartbeat.

This is still reinforced daily from the moment you leave home.

It is a crime to be in control of your own life. It is a crime to be in control of your own money. It is a crime to be in control. Of anything. Period.

It is a crime to not be of some benefit to some woman in some manner.

PUAs? Manning-up? Red-pill men? Red-pill women? The Patriarchy? All doing stuff for the benefit of Team Woman™. All helping women in some manner or another. Even though you don't think so, it benefits them. You simply need to achieve a slightly deeper level of understanding, to properly grasp how this works to their ultimate benefit.

MGTOW? Men going their own way? The hardest possible thing to be in this world. Hated by women, with a passion reserved only for something that strikes deeply into their innermost insecurities and terrors.

For them to be abandoned, dropped by the wayside en-masse, left alone without any recourse or safety-net.

For you to be an example to other men of someone who will not be of use to them.

So when a woman even attempts to shame other women, it is for their ultimate benefit and the benefit of women as a whole (after all, they need a certain minimum number of men paying into their socialism safety-net).

Personally, I think that it is too late. I may be wrong - yet I'm certainly not optimistic about things.

I'm thinking that my friend is correct: by 2017 there is going to be a major upheaval.

I'm beginning to think that it will be even earlier. Like maybe 2014 we will see the warning signs, and 2015 the beginnings.

It won't be pretty.

But then, the shit that you've been feeding us is of your own making, so we'll be flinging it back upon you in spades. The thing is, these days you aren't even subtle about it any more. You rub our noses in it instead of offering us something of (even illusory) worth - the carrot has been dispensed with and now only the stick is used.

So who is the bigger fool these days?

Us men, for letting you do this to us without laughing and spitting in your face?

Or you women, for becoming so obnoxiously blatant in your manipulations?

As if we'd never notice and remark and act upon your poison...

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