Saturday 15 March 2014

Belle Starr Rising

It gets yet better - from the bastion of slut-enablement culture itself, Cosmopolitan:

(Yeah I spelled slut wrong - I corrected it, then it struck me as funny to leave it like that. I'm easily amused.)

Yes, she rises yet more, being put up on a pedestal with spotlights as a paragon of the sluttitude that all women should rise and aspire to.

Even better: she updates the hoary old statistic that 1-in-4 women get sexually assaulted on campus. It is now - wait for it! - 1-in-3 women get sexually assaulted on campus.

Soon it will be updated yet again to 1-in-2 women...and then finally, ALL WOMEN GET ASSAULTED ON CAMPUS! Yes, all men are rapists. You heard the ludicrous prediction here.

I will have to put up a little post showing an example of how women use Hegelian Dialectic to twist reality the way that they want it. It's quite amusing, once you've gotten the idea in your head and don't let yourself get distracted by their irrelevancies.

I think that this situation might have put me past the event-horizon of silliness that I can tolerate. And past the point of which I will take any woman seriously. It's not going to be a position of "everything she says is cute" - rather, everything she says is ludicrously silly. Simply and utterly not worth listening to. A child prating on about irrelevancies. Pathetic.

Feminism has well-and-truly jumped the shark. They openly bathe in the poison now, and Real Men™ are supposed to like it.

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