Wednesday 2 April 2014

Attention Whores

We all know that attention-whoring is the "in" thing these days. In fact it's so "in" that it's given the same attention as breathing - ever-present and not thought about.

Even so, occasionally something gets dropped out there that makes me blink in surprise. In this case it's Google - specifically what turned up last time that I logged in:

Yeh, reel kewl bro. It's a fucking email account! This type of thing makes me long for the destruction of society. Or at least makes me wonder about the sanity of the retards at Google.

In the old days a man brought home mementos - items that he'd found during his travels. They were to remind him, to show the younger generations that he had lived an interesting life. They were shared with families and visiting friends. Passed down to the next generation as heirlooms, etc.

Now we take a selfie in the bathroom with an unflushed toilet in the background and share it with the world.

Hopefully it'll go viral.

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