Thursday 17 April 2014

Mutilated Minds

There are certain types of women that you should always be aware of and wary of. Note that they can be tremendous sexual fun, yet also they are tremendously fucked up in the brainbox.

The heavily tattooed woman.

Now, your "average Jane" (aka secret wild slut) will have a couple of little tattoos. Back of the neck, sometimes behind the ears. A little more openly risqué and adventurous is the ankle-tattoo. The back of the legs is a goodie, and she'll be proud to lift her skirt to show that one off (and to do other things with you). There's also the tramp-stamp, where she gets her tat slapped somewhere between the belly button and bottom of her ass (aka the slut zone).

A blue star on the wrist can advertise that she's a lesbian. A little code revealed, there.

Things become wilder: full arm-sleeve tats. Face-tats. Leg-tats (sometimes boots).

Then we go to the body-tats. One side (often the left), for the full-body, starting at breast-level and going all the way down - typically to the ankle. Often cupping one breast, sometimes both. Might extend up a shoulder and along an arm as well.

Beware because these types are both sexually fun and seriously mutilated in the brainbox.

Add multicolour short hair, perhaps a Skryllix haircut, heavy smoker, various colored contacts, and many facial and body implants. Several ear-piercings (such as around the entire ear) also falls into this category, along with things like an ear-bar. Tongue-piercing (especially a double) is a flat-out advertisement that this chick loves to give head big-time.

Always remember that this type of thing is serious bottom-feeding. Not recommended unless you are seriously fucked in the brainbox yourself - which is what most criminal/omega types are. That's why you tend to find this type of extreme girl hanging with that crowd.

(Often also in the Transhumanism crowd. Strange on the surface, yet when you look at it deeper it makes sense. These people want to transcend biology, these girls fight their biology, it's a natural match.)

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