Tuesday 29 April 2014

Another Day, Another Dollar

Yes indeed, the quiet undercurrent of the tired-at-soul salary man with a wife and children.

I do like the guy. He's blue-pill as anything, of course.

Yet still, there is that undercurrent of discontent. The feeling that there is more out there. More than what he's getting, better than what he's getting.

The discontent of the Blue Pill masses is starting to slowly bubble and ferment? Perhaps.

It's 2014. A while ago I thought that by 2020 there would be some massive social backlashes starting - a friend thinks 2017. Only three years away - time to get some passive income sorted, another business going, etc.

I'm writing a book. Not one that is overtly manospherian. Think something along the lines of: "You Are Not As Smart As You Think" (an exceptional book btw). I didn't want to do something like a "Best of BlackPoisonSoul" because it's all been done already by people far more eloquent and polished than I.

Three years to get it done. Well, we'll see.

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