Saturday 5 April 2014

More Attention Whores

Yes, more about Attention Whores.

In my linked previous article it literally states in Google's advertising of Shelfies: "...share it with your friends so that they can enjoy looking at you as much as you do."

Go Google, I quite enjoyed the snigger at your cynical call to attention-whoring and narcissism.

So, looking back at my days of dancing. All these women joining competitions, improving their grace and style and flashiness on the dance floor, etc. Saying things like "I want to do a competition! It'll be great for my dancing! It'll do wonders for my confidence!"

Attention-whoring at its finest, in reality a euphuism for bootstrapping her ego into the stratosphere. Attention whores, dance whores, drink whores - we all know that there's one common word to each of them: ...

Yes, we know that you women love to dance. You love to be shown off (fame! social validation!). You love to be the center of attention. You crave that social status of being the best in something that is actually useless.


This is a symptom of the worst disease in our modern times: we have it too easy. A glut of ease. To the point where the celebration of the practically-useless is hailed as the heights to aspire to.

There's a reason that entertainers were traditionally looked upon with scorn. They provided nothing of real value to society. Traditional ballerinas danced shyly and submissively - they were pretty little whores for their rich patrons, a thing of inner shame. Only in the modern times are ballerinas taught to dance with their heads held high, proud and on display.

Only in these degenerate times of tremendous free wealth are they celebrated as someone of worth rather than acknowledged as pretty yet vapid toys for the wealthy.

Geisha: Have you sold your virginity to the highest bidder yet?

Or did you throw it away to a flashy yet worthless dog, or some form of criminal scum?

Les boys do cabaret
Les boys are glad to be gay

Some tourist take a photograph
Les boys don't get one laugh
Because they're useless

Ironic in the extreme, the entertainers calling the subject entertainers in their song useless.

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