Sunday 6 April 2014

Why I Dislike Working With Women

Take this scenario:

• you are married with two children

• you work with mixed men and women

• you are forced to go on training with one of the women

• woman gets tipsy after training hours and hits on you

• you state that you did nothing - she says rape

Now you're in this situation, nearly a year and a half later:

• woman relents and states that you didn't rape her

• you've been in jail for a few months

• you've lost your job

• you've lost your home

• you've lost your family (wife has separated and taken the children)

• you've lost most of your friends (they believed the nastiness) and your birth-family doesn't like you that much either

• you are broke after paying your lawyers

This was not me, thank goodness. I pity this poor bastard and hope that he will somehow get his life on track again. Of course, someone else has his job already. He does not want to be around his wife any more given her rabid reaction and turning the children against him - I'm told that his 7yo son has not yet stopped crying and wetting the bed, the 8yo daughter just hates him. For something that he didn't actually do, though his wife started saying before it was proved that "daddy did something very bad and will never be with us again".

He's probably going to move to Auckland, or perhaps Australia, for a new life. Will have a drink with him before he goes.

I occasionally have to work (tiptoe) around the false accuser. Thankfully I will never be forced to attend courses with her. Things are strained around her, you can smell it from all the men all the time.

This is why I dislike working with women.

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