Saturday 5 April 2014

Supply and Demand

A little random and oddball thinking, let's see if I can connect the dots halfway properly:

• women's biological imperative demands babies

• men's biological imperative demands sex

• in the old days women were chaste, their sexuality given out only in marriage

• if men wanted sex they were pretty-much stuck with having to marry the woman

• feminism removed the chains of chastity from women and allowed them to be promiscuous

• feminism allowed women to express exceptionally nasty personalities

• sex is now essentially free

• feminism allows women to slut it up without shame for the best part of their breeding years

• men no longer need to pay (marry) to get the sex they crave

• women still expect men to marry after their prime reproductive years are wasted and gone

• men with options are really only interested in younger and hotter women

• older women get terribly shocked when men pass them up for younger and hotter women


• at least one dead generation of women left utterly fucked over by feminism

• at least one generation of men superficially fucked by feminism - yet in reality freed from the old sexual constraints and able to pursue other things of worth

Feminists, I thank you sincerely. Yes, I mean it. You have liberated me and mine, though we do somewhat hate you for the roundabout and screwed-up manner by which you did it.

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