Thursday 3 April 2014

Difference between Alpha and Beta

Difference between Alpha and Beta:

• Alpha looks at what women actually do, learns from it, and adjusts to reality

• Beta listens to what women say, ignores what women actually do, and doesn't adjust to reality

IMO that is the major disconnect between alpha/beta behavior. Once you start paying attention to the actions of women and realise that you might as well completely ignore what they say, the rest should begin to slip into place. By "the rest" I mean confidence, frame control, abundance mentality, etc. Then it's just up to you to continue the process of learning and improving yourself.

I sound like some high-falutin' Game writer like Roissey or Roosh or Krauser or the like. Far from it. Not really my path through life, that. Just trying to shed some light on the poison in this society we are stuck in. Just trying to show what is real and truth in this world.

Note: What is commonly called Beta is what BoneCrkr calls Zeta behaviour. The behaviour of a weak-willed man. This is the pedestalization, ass-kissing, creeping behaviour that turns women off - it betrays the mentality of "I have no self-worth".

Similarly, what is commonly called Alpha is what BoneCrkr calls Omega behaviour. The behaviour of the criminal/scum class. So someone is verbally abusing you and trying to push your buttons, just talk to the bouncer - there's no excuse for you to go all caveman/gangsta on his ass. That sort of garbage is for weaklings who have no social clue and nothing to lose socially. As a man, you do have something to lose. Plus you should have the sense to not hang in those types of bars.

Further note: I'm becoming tired of the whole Alpha/Beta/Omega/Zeta definitions. They're just labels for nerds. In the end, it comes down to: are you a man or some degree of criminal/weakling?

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