Saturday 5 April 2014

Translating the Female

Chateau Heartiste has a timely reminder that even for so-called Red Pill Women who "get it" some translation is required. From a reader:
Sunshine Mary is reviewing a book in which the authors (both women) propose that the five core needs of a woman are:
to be cherished by a man 
to be protected by a strong man 
to rescue a man
to be sexually alive 
to escape reality 
We are of course skeptical of any advice for women written by women but this list doesn't look too bad. How would it fare under the harsh light of the Chateau dungeon?
And Heartiste comes back with the gold which is his trademark:
Yes, women want to be cherished by a alpha man. And they don't want to be cherished too soon, too often, or too egregiously.
Yes, women want to be protected by a strong man...who makes them wet. And they want that protection in small doses, before it lurches into possessiveness.
Yes, women want to rescue a man...from his own jerkboy sexiness.
Yes, women want to be sexually alive...but that's a symptom, not a cause, of the kinds of men to whom they freely give their love.
Yes, women want to escape qualification needed. [This is the basis of the hamster. - BlackPoisonSoul]
My advice...take women's sex and romance advice with a flat of salt. Even the well-meaning ones. [Emphasis mine. - BlackPoisonSoul]
This is what we men must constantly realise and reaffirm to ourselves. Yes, this is good advice from the woman's perspective of what she wants. What she (Sunshine Mary, and probably the authors of the book) fails to explain clearly is that not just any man will fit this bill: it only applies to men that the woman is attracted to.

Bless them, some of the so-called Red Pill Women do their best to help. We men still have to remember though, that help is still tremendously limited by the female imperative and female mentality and female modes of communication. These women might be truly attempting to help us - they might not be the dumb as dirt types which are so prevalent out there - yet they also have a lifetime of conditioning in the feminine mystique that they are operating under.

Some of us men have tremendous troubles shifting from Blue Pill mindset to Red Pill mindset. Women have far more troubles than we do. The positively-reinforced mindset of the feminine is natural to them and prevalent, it is a struggle to communicate fully as men do and they rarely succeed.

Thus, we must always be certain that we translate from womanese to Man.

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