Tuesday 29 April 2014

Women's Freedom

Women are now as free as men. Free to be industrialised drones, interchangeable cogs in an automated machine of pointless misery, just as we men are.

Be proud. Be very, very proud. You have achieved what you wanted - yet now you have it, is it truly what you want to do with your whole life?

But then: I'm happy. I no longer have to be a desperate slave to keep a woman and children going. I only need to keep myself going. That's far easier.

Welcome to the machine, oiled with the black poison of human desperation and sweat.


  1. Man driven to suicide by ex wife and divorce courts

    Chris Mackney committed suicide on December 29, 2013 because his ex wife was using the divorce courts in America to torture him and kidnap his children from him. He wrote a 4 page suicide note before killing himself.


    LATEST UPDATE: The ex-wife is such a psychopath that is she trying to copyright her ex husband's suicide note, in order to prevent it from being circulated on the internet. She is using her lawyers to threaten legal action against websites that published Chris's suicide letter. She is trying to silence him, even in death.

    The website "A Voice for Men" also got a letter from her lawyers and wrote an article about it yesterday:

    Here's a few more updates:





    1. Sadly this is not an unusual thing to happen. The suicide rate for divorced men is very high - and most definitely not reported by the "mainstream media" aka department of propaganda. I was watching my own brother in my own home for two years because he was showing the signs after his divorce.

      It is unfortunate that Chris felt this was his only option. For any other man who gets into this situation, I suggest dropping off the grid and/or going expat overseas. This will stop the draining of his money, life, and soul. Plus the opportunities are better.

      True he'll never see his children again - yet that was what was happening anyway. At least the personal abuse will stop and not in such a final manner.