Wednesday 16 April 2014

Awkwardness and Intimacy

Women these days are very adverse to situations that make them feel awkward. Note how this relates only to them - they have no problems with causing awkward situations for the men in their lives. Think of public drama in the form of shouting matches, screaming fits, and physical aggression. Even the lesser forms such as snippiness and public put-downs (aka shit-tests).

Likewise they just tend to fade away from your life - after all, that avoids the awkwardness of going through a messy breakup talk or scene. It's too hard for them. Best to simply fade away, rather than show any signs of what might once have been called consideration and commitment.

Now substitute "intimacy" for "awkward".

This is the empty soul of modern relations and relationships.

I look at myself. I've had situations where a woman refuses to accept the "it's over" talk and causes a huge scene. Now I don't bother, I simply fade away.

It is sad that my own soul has been damaged in this manner and now follows this example.

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