Saturday 5 April 2014

Dumb as Dirt

We men need to care more for ourselves and to care less for women.

Yep: I'm saying that we need to be selfish. More selfish than we are. In fact: Waaaay more selfish than we are.

When women lie to you, treat you badly, cheat on you - act up in any way - you need to realise that they can only get away with it because you care too much about them.

When you care less about them, then when it happens you'll simply laugh at them. You'll say: "are you fucking kidding me?" and throw them out the door. In this way you are showing them and others unmistakably that their bad behaviour is not acceptable.

There are millions more that you can replace her with. For fucks sake, half the women in the western world are whinging about not being able to find a good man. Take that as your cue. There are plenty of slutty and desperate replacements around. All you have to do is get their attention.

Here is another cue. Any women bringing up children and who has no interest in men's problems - worth nothing more than a pump and dump. Seriously, if they have absolutely no concern for the men their daughters are going to be faced with and no concern for the girls their sons are going to be faced with, then she is a clueless idiot who is as dumb as dirt.

Any woman who has the slightest concern for her children will take very seriously men's issues. If not: dumb as dirt is about the best that you can say about her.

A couple of questions that you might decide to ask her:

In your opinion what is the biggest problem that women face in the dating market?

In your opinion what is the biggest problem that men face in the dating market?

The answers should be illuminating.

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