Tuesday 29 April 2014

Your Word

Real men live and die by their word.

This is a part of why I cannot consider myself a PUA or the like. They have a tendency to cockblock, to backstab each other, to steal other's women, etc.

What it comes down to is: you cannot trust them. I would not trust my kid sister alone with one of these types for five minutes. I would not trust them to leave my girlfriend alone. I would not trust them to leave my fiancĂ© alone. I would not trust them to leave my wife alone. These are all behaviours exhibited by PUAs, explicitly stated in the book: The Game. The PUAs did all these things to a T.

Loyalty and reliability are what distinguishes us men from women - we know how loyal and reliable many women can be. Most especially if you've been frivorced.

These days many men are like women: wishy-washy, complaining, and unreliable. I can count on one hand the number of men that I would rely upon to come and get me out of a jam, say if I'd had my car break down in a really bad part of town.

In contrast take for example: dannyfrom504. The reason that he was "ousted" from the friendship of several people was because he turned out to be unreliable. He made promises he didn't deliver on, he left them in the lurch when things got difficult, and he bothered the girlfriend of one of them in an effort to break them up and get in bed with her.

This is fairly typical PUA behaviour as exemplified in The Game.

This is not manly. It's the pathetic, unmanly behaviour of the criminal/scum class of society. Unfortunately the class that degenerate women have their years of fun with, before "settling" with other men who aren't so attractive yet are more reliable. Even if relatively boring.

So ask yourself: are you a man of your word?

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