Tuesday 25 August 2015

PostSecret Poison #2

Another compilation from PostSecret.

Like the Ashley Madison affairs thing, and the Whisper app. I wonder how "anonymous" that really is?

Never mind - let's dive into the cesspool of human desires.
Obsessed with cock - while feminists deny that desire. I sometimes wonder if Anna Freud was turned lesbian because of her repeated psychoanalysis at the hands of her father.
Fatty cheating.
Typical pap-psychology of forgiving yourself.

Fucking OWN yourself!
Raging piece of shit feminist.

Should go fire up a copy of the ole "Redneck Rampage" game.
Crazy cuckolds have no shame.
I sometimes wonder how many of the whacked-out girls on antidepressants feed this shit to their man by stealth.

Be a good conspiracy theory: "Those guys who turn soft as they get married? Yeah it's the wife's antidepressants."
Because you keep flashing him? Looking for some priestly strange?
Says it all.
Cue Pink Floyd, "The Happiest Days Of Our Lives":

But in the town, it was well known
When they got home at night
Their fat and psychopathic wives would thrash them
Within inches of their lives

Another Worthless™ Degree. I wonder what Aaron Clarey would think.

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