Tuesday 16 September 2014

The State As Sugar Daddy

It seems to me that civilization has changed in a fundamentally deep manner. Here's some thought-pointers:

  • men stayed away from women with bastard children
  • men stayed away from divorced women
  • men preferred their wives to be virgin
  • men had plenty of loose women for fun
  • women effectively sought out a sugar daddy to help raise their children

Notice that it's mostly from the viewpoint of men. (Misogynist pig!) The men were inspired to explore the world and create civilization.


  • women use the state to help raise their children
  • half of all women are divorced (sometimes multiple times)
  • half of children are bastards (sometimes to different fathers)
  • women will have sex with whoever turns them on
  • women use the state as sugar daddy

Notice that it's all from the viewpoint of women. Men are simply an afterthought, now that the Sugar Daddy State has taken the place of men.

What do the men do? There isn't much to inspire them to the heights of enterprise and creating civilization.

Sugar Daddy has changed.

1 comment:

  1. What do the men do?

    Playing videogames in the free time? A cheapest form of somewhat active entertainment. Beats watching sports on TV anyway. : )