Wednesday 17 September 2014

Symbiosis to Parasitism

Symbiotic Man and Woman relationship (in the past - when you're poor and starving then hating your partner is counter-survival):

Symbiosis - close and often long-term interaction between two or more biological species. Prior to 1877 this word had been used to describe people living together in community, in 1877 it was first used to describe the mutualistic relationship in lichens (Albert Frank). In 1879 it was defined as "the living together of unlike organisms" (Heinrich de Bary).

The Man worked (often dawn 'til dusk) to bring in food and a little extra cash to feed his wife and children. In return he had a guarantee that the children were his (and he kept them if there was a divorce, too). The Woman worked around the home, keeping it clean and raising their children, feeding her man.

Parasitic Man and Woman relationship (in the present - when you win no matter what then hating your partner is a rationalization for whatever you want):

Parasitism - a non-mutial symbiotic relationship between species, where one species (the parasite) benefits at the expense of the other (the host). Traditionally parasite referred primarily to organisms visible to the naked eye, or macroparasites. Parasite now includes microparasites, which are typically smaller (such as viruses and bacteria). Some examples of parasites include the plants mistletoe and cuscuta, and animals such as hookworms.

The Man works (often dawn 'til dusk) to bring in as much money as possible to provide a home for his wife and children (plus he usually has to cook and clean and rear children as well). In return he has no guarantee the children are his, he gets treated badly (often emotionally and verbally and sometimes physically abused), and his wife will often leave with the children in tow for no real reason (and he still has to pay her when she's gone). The Woman does nothing (if she works, any money she earns is hers alone).

In the old days a Woman provided the following in return for being pampered and looked after:

  • cleaning
  • child-rearing
  • companionship
  • cooking
  • sex

These days a Man can do the following by himself: cleaning, child-rearing (via kindergarten and public schools), companionship (male friends), and cooking.

Which leaves a Woman only able to provide: sex. Which a man can provide for himself more cheaply by paying for. (Either way he pays for it. If he pays directly then it's cheaper and he has an easier and more relaxed life from not having the emotional, verbal, and physical abuse of a modern woman being around him all of his spare time.)

Yes, yes, children, blah blah. Just get a surrogate mother if you absolutely must have a child of your genetic line - or adopt.

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  1. I use that Yin/Yang symbol: the Yang (masculine) protects the Yin (feminine), and the feminine nurtures the masculine. Since the former still happens but the latter doesn't so much these days...many women are now parasites on men.