Friday 29 May 2015

Why Women Buy So Much Junk

One of the things that has amused me as I've grown and explored the nature of women has been applying it to the idea (the so-called "study") of modern economics.

One of the basic ideas is that people only buy things they need - which immediately throws a spanner into the works of the whole idea. Marketing (aka propaganda) spends billions yearly trying to manufacture "needs" in people for the non-essential junk that they peddle.

It works, too.

Another concept is obsolescence. So much wastage in society involves creating a "new" shell for a car when the guts of it don't change in any truly revolutionary manner. Are you encouraged to take the old shell off and put the new one on? No! Instead you must buy a new car!

Again, it works.

Women are encouraged to get 100+ pairs of shoes (no really rational reason why - apart from an intangible feelgood).

Men encouraged to get a new car each year (again no really rational reason why - apart from the intangible feelgood of attracting more of teh wimminz).

So all right, perhaps there is a reason. It makes her and him both feel sexier. Both become more attractive to the opposite sex. Marketing, fashion, all that good stuff - which lets somebody sell their garbage to you and they have an opportunity to vacuum your wallet for their profit. Sex sells, baby.

So does social status. "Keeping up with the Jones's", as hackney'd as that sounds. This one is aimed squarely at teh wimminz, because they are the only ones who bother to focus that much on "social appearances". The marketers aren't stupid. Only it's not the Jones's anymore, it's the Jane's. All her femicunt frenemies.

Thus the business of slutting it up in the arms-race to get your very own slave. Work him for a few years, frivorce, slut it up once more while you look for the next useful idiot.

Men tend to wake up relatively quickly and stop themselves from buying too much useless shit. Mostly because it's always the women's crap coming out of our pocket - and those aren't endlessly fuckin' deep.

Women though, they don't seem to wake up to it. It seems that the reason might be twofold: 1/ they're generally more impulsive rather than thinking things through, and 2/ they're generally more entitled and expect the men in their lives to buy this junk for them.

I would be surprised if the latter isn't a large reason for the number of Men seeming to wake up to women's general rapaciousness and worthlessness these days. Marketing focuses their sights predominantly on women, women then expect men to pay for this junk. Men who end up either ruined, or badly burned, or burned out and disgusted by this overt using of them.

I wrote before about a guy whose wife broke up with him out of the blue, said breakup being a total surprise to him. Said ex-wife having over 100 pairs of shoes. Said ex-wife currently living in his house, which he paid for, while he is off working in another city. The reason she's there rent-free while he's away? He needs someone to look after the place and his cats and the like...

These days, what more can you expect for a segment of the population who have been both coddled and trained since birth to expect and demand special treatment? Even better, to conveniently "forget" the last bout of special treatment and look for more? Better yet, the number of men trained since birth to provide this special treatment unthinkingly as a matter of course?

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