Friday 22 May 2015

Cultural Meta-Game

After yesterday's post about what is MGTOW, I thought it would be an idea to put up some other quick examples of cultural meta-game that was mentioned. In addition to Men saying "no" to women and them being in control of their own lives.

When Return of Kings runs a series of hashtags like: #fatshamingweek, #backtothekitchen, etc.

When Aaron Clarey writes books like: Worthless and Enjoy the Decline. Also putting up a message of: "Don't go to see Mad Max: Feminist Road."

When Captain No-Marriage puts up a post swearing about some useless bitch who frivorced her husband and then had a whine about it on Huffington Post - because she was looking for social validation from teh wimminz. (He's even angrier than I am.)

When an unknown group puts up posters saying "Pretty Little Liar" with mattress-girl's image and the hashtag #rapehoax.
(Though I take exception to the word "pretty" - plus she's still socially irrelevant, especially on the meta-level.)

When various bloggers (whether religious or not) of both sexes put up posts about "traditional" marriage and the like.

Whenever any one of us in the Manosphere documents and comments on the cultural decline in the West. Whether economics, work, employers, women's bad behavior, men's bad behavior, whatever.

When we do any of this. We are using cultural meta-game to strike at the roots of feminism/leftism/Marxism that is causing the decline of Western civilization and society.

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