Thursday 23 January 2014

Choices and Consequences

"When some see 'coincidence', I see 'consequence'. When others see 'chance', I see 'cost'."
- The Merovingian

Yeah yeah, it's an old saw - the world is The Feminine Matrix, we men in the Manosphere take the Red Pill, yadda yadda. Boring and dumb in most people's eyes. "The world isn't The Matrix!" Like we're too stupid to realise that. Shaddup and use it as a simplified working model - what us half-assed semi-educated fucks call an "analogy".

The reason we use this and similar is because it's a reference for modern people. Start using references like Revealing and people think you're going all oogie-boogie New Age and their brain shuts down. Go on about Enlightenment and people think you're going fruitcake religious and their brain shuts down. Bring up The Matrix and most people in the a Western world have seen it and have a clue - a framework - within which to get a grip on things.

Nutshell version: it's the most effective cultural reference we have for our modern times. Deal with it.

So here we are, like The Merovingian, talking about Choice and Consequences.

Where are you now? What was the process of you getting here? Do you like where you are?

How you got here was a result - a Consequence - of what you did - your Choices - over time.

"You're wrong! I didn't choose to end up fat!" Hahah yes you fucking did. Every time you opened your mouth and gobbled down that chunk of food, you were making a choice - one that led you to the consequence of being fat.

"I didn't choose to end up an unmarried mother!" Hahah yes you fucking did. Every time you chose to open your legs to some bad boy you were making a choice - one that eventually had a consequence of pregnancy, it was simply a matter of time.

"I didn't choose to get my girlfriend preggers!" Hahah yes you fucking did. Every time you chose to part her legs and fuck her without protection you were making a choice - one that eventually had a consequence of pregnancy, it was simply a matter of time (or entrapment).

"I didn't choose to end up poor! It just happened!" Hahah yes you fucking did. Every time you chose to watch a dancing monkey on television who was giving you financial advice, every time you chose to trust your money to your stockbroker or real-estate agent - one that eventually had a consequence of an overhyped market bubble bursting.

I didn't intend to end up where I am. It was a consequence of a bad choice of woman to invite into my life, and worse: because I was emotionally invested in that bad choice woman, to make further bad choices. For a total of 9 years, during which I let her bleed me dry financially and emotionally. That is the part where I look at myself and facepalm: you fool.

Eventually I chose to make a good choice: to rein in her spending habits. It had a painful consequence: divorce and loss of most of my assets. Yet now, because of that good choice, I have minimal problems with money - can travel as I choose - and am once more growing assets and looking ahead to making myself another business. One that should be more worthwhile than my current part-owned business.

One good choice started the process towards freedom. Several more good choices achieved that freedom, leaving me free and capable of making many more good choices which will enhance that freedom.

Fuck some slutty drunk chick? Potential consequences: catch an STD (high), get done for rape, etc. Potential rewards: none bar busting your nut in her garbage pussy. Bad choice.

Go to gym? Potential consequences: basically none. Potential rewards: feeling and looking great. Good choice.

Throw your money into a ARM mortgage on a mansion? Potential consequences: losing all your money once it adjusts and you have to be foreclosed on, plus marriage breakup. Potential rewards: basically none beyond some ephemeral feel-good. Bad choice.

Research and decide to open a business doing X? Potential consequences: losing money and time or basically going nowhere (minimised by the research). Potential rewards: making a shitload of money. Good choice.

The interesting thing is that the world bombards you with messages to encourage impulse buying and consumerism (bad choices). Have a happy meal. Buy her flowers. Splash out on a high-end car. Go overseas on a huge honeymoon/holiday. Get a university education in something useless. Own a mansion. You deserve it. Live the life!

There are very few messages to encourage good choices though. Most people are weak-willed and only make the bad choices - and wonder at the end of their lives what actually happened.

Bad choices have consequences. Good choices have rewards. Whichever you have though: own your choices.

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