Friday 10 January 2014

Compliance Tests

From the comments in The Rational Male, I display my response to a female question aka compliance demands aka shit tests:
Special note for @SSM regarding the following question aka compliance demand (aka shit test): “If you don’t mind, may I have a source please for your assertion that the shape of the human penis evolved to scoop out a competitors’ sperm?”
I do mind.
In the future use your own initiative (ie stop asking men to do simple stuff for you) and do a Google search for “human penis scoop out semen” yourself. The Scientific American article above was the second result.
With due regards to Roissy’s maxim “everything she does is cute” – there comes a point when incessant “why’s” are not cute and simply become wearing. You got fingers, you got a brain (presumably), so use ‘em.
Note that I am deliberately pointing this out, not (quite) trolling – rather, to illustrate to all men here:
1/ the reflexive entitled mentality of even supposedly “aware” women
2/ the reflexive conditioned habit for men to comply with a woman’s “requests” (aka shit tests) even when we are supposedly aware or becoming aware of them
It’s a long, uphill battle.
Thus: I purposefully fail your shit test, to illustrate to my fellow male readers your female dynamic. I’ll count this as an overall win for me.
It's one hell of an uphill battle. Sometimes rudeness is the only option for these retards, to both retrain yourself and to retrain them to be better people (ie up their female game).

Remember: they ain't bloody helpless.

Edit: plus they need to learn not to be so bloody lazy. These are empowered women who don't need a man - they are fully-functional human beings who can answer basic research questions on their own and not ask men to do it for them.

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