Tuesday 21 October 2014

Women Made Themselves Uninteresting

Going along with the flow of my last post, yup, it was us mens' fault for being dumbasses. We let the stupid women go do what they want.

So of course, like a spoiled child - they did.

We should'a known better - hell, we did know better.

Still, it's not all gloom and doom. I find myself on the whole utterly uninterested in what women are these days. I actually find it hard to consider them as attractive in any manner.

I mean: apart from using them as a sex toy and dropping a fuck into one.

We have to be real about this: all that stuff they do isn't making themselves interesting in the slightest. They're just another notch on the bedpost. Otherwise they're simply another same-same useful idiot that I can generally ignore as being unworthy of my time, effort, thought, attention.

Because the following sure don't attract me long-term in the slightest:
  • tattoos
  • alcohol
  • smoking
  • drugs
  • foul language
  • foul attitude
  • sluttiness
  • you-go-girl
  • shallow "intellect"
  • obesity (ed: thanks to Mindstorm for reminding me)
It's reached the point where if that mythical one woman in a million turned up on my doorstep - I'd lump her in by default with the rest of the garbage. I would not believe her existence in the slightest.

Tough fuckin' shit kiddo.

Still, there's the MGTOW silver lining. I don't need the garbage (which can be hired by the hour more cheaply than via marriage, girlfriends, pickup, etc) so I can do what I want now. Easily. Cheaply. Without the slightest feeling of guilt.

So in the end, thinking about it. If the world turned around and did what would "fix" marriage and civilization (Men ultimately in control, Women relegated to the home and kitchen, no frivorce, etc).

So fuckin' what.

I wouldn't be interested anyway, for more than the moment it takes to bust a nut inside the girl. Then I'm gone, doing my own thing, helluva lot more interesting than her or her stupid "unique" self that she's "developed" to impress the herd.

It's MY life that is interesting.


  1. Replies
    1. Stds & friction burns from being pounded by a hundred cocks

      A vagina so leathery starts forest fires inserting a penis

      Works in HR

      Has multiple degrees in basket weaving

      Cutting herself

      Tells everyone about that rape 20 yrs ago, never reported or a police record

      Sado, BDSM


      Works for a NGO or a charity

      Buys used clothes in thrift shops

      More then 1 cat

      Has a facebook or any social media crap


      Macrobiotic freak

      Sells vegetarian food in farmers market, nobody buys

      Has had an abortion

      On the pill

    2. oh yea does weird internet shit Iike cosplay

      I could go on literally forever ... lol

    3. Please, stop! You're making me die from laughter!