Tuesday 21 October 2014

We Men Can Only Blame Ourselves

Thinking about feminism and leftism and the like over time, I've reached the point where I have concluded: it's our own fault that we're in the shit the way we are now.

Any man who thinks anything along the lines of his daughter (and other women by extension) being pure as driven snow is an idiot. I mean, it's not like he never fucked his wife even once, neh? And she never liked it ever? You trying to tell me that every woman from day dot has been a frigid Ice Queen? Bullshit!

So looking at it: it was us men that ultimately fell down on the job.

The information is there, has always been there. History. The writings of thoughtful men. The Bible. Always, always, very explicitly in the Bible. You'd think that many parts of it were specifically written to expose the bullshit of women.

So of course, we men completely ignored everything which tells us of the true nature of women.

Never mind Potiphar's wife wanting to have sex with Joseph. Never mind that she falsely accused him of rape when he told her to piss off. (Attempted seduction and adultery. False rape allegation.)

Never mind Samson and Delilah. Never mind that she seduced and deluded him. Never mind that she enslaved him. (Envy causing a woman to destroy a man. The guy was the top man of his time too, so don't tell me that she'll never fuck over her "alpha"!)

Never mind Jezebel making her husband King Ahab change the entire religious beliefs of his country. Never mind her fabricating false evidence to kill Naboth and steal his land. (Extreme control-freak regarding her husband's thinking and the freedoms of his people. Conspiring and lying in order to destroy another man so she could get what her husband wanted. Just read the modern newspapers, same shit different day.)

History (or cautionary stories, if you don't believe in the Bible) means nothing to the smart youth of years ago - and even today. This is where Uncle Bob looks at the original fairy tales written by Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm and points out to us what they really are: cautionary tales, showing what some people will do, and the results.

Cinderella's sisters cutting off parts of their own feet to fit in the glass slipper - nice visual! You didn't see that in the wankified Disney version. All you saw was "nice" and "sanitary". You never saw Jezebels' corpse getting eaten by stray dogs either.

We have all these cautionary tales, plus real history. The Borgia family (Lucrezia, Rodrigo, Cesare) - a family originally from Spain that moved to Italy and clawed their way to the top of Renaissance Italy via poisonings and murder. The Medicis in Florence. Cleopatra betraying Julius Caesar (though that might be suspect - it's hard to tell what might have been fictionalized by Shakespeare, etc).

We men fell down. We listened to the whining and whinging of a child. We gave the fuckin' brat her fuckin' candy, 'cause we didn't have the guts to tell her to shut the fuck up. We certainly didn't have the guts to give her ass a good beating when she pushed her luck way over the fuckin' line.

Which is really fuckin' stupid and sad. In the end, we can only blame ourselves for the bullshit state our lives - our civilization - is in.


  1. Considering all the things that men would do in order to get laid... a hormone-fueled obsession called love... what else do you expect?

    1. I expect elder men to do their job better. That's why we are supposed to respect our elders, for them being "wise" and keeping us on the narrow path.

      Never mind I suppose. It's all gonna burn down.

    2. A semi-random thought: are SSRIs
      prescribed evenly to both genders (or sexes, if you prefer)? It would be funny, if human reproduction were proven to be negatively affected by over-administration (is there such a word?) of them. If people are becoming more addicted to drugs than to the opposite gender (pair bond, whatever)... Just imagine the lawsuits...

      And now try to blame it on elders. They are as much clueless as us, LOL.

    3. Although I can see the upside to habitual depressives not reproducing... it's still not my right to push them into extinction.

    4. Today, I'm somehow not in the mood to browse through all these studies, even if it's only about a hundred of them that might be relevant.

    5. Empathologist comments here on elders, as you say, 'keeping us on the narrow path'. With 'friends' like these elders we don't need enemies.

  2. Yeah, we wouldn't be in the fix we're in if we hadn't -- among other things, I'm sure -- let the poor witless creatures wheedle us into letting them play grownup on our nickel.

    Too soft hearted. Western civ wouldn't have been what it was if we weren't. There couldn't be a Muslim Shakespeare. Every civilization dies in the bed it makes for itself.

    1. True indeed, Anon. Hell, there are a million things you could add into it. Just look at Fate of Empires.

  3. Don't forget to add to the list that idiot from "Two Tales of a City" by Charles Dickhead or whatever that book is called. That guy was a white knighting 'tard!