Friday 24 October 2014

Men Are Slaves

This is not going to be a particularly pleasant one. However, we're men. We're tough. We'll deal with it. So put on your man-pants, take a breath, try not to get too fuckin' depressed. Also: keep the fuckin' whiny-baby nit-picking to a minimum. This isn't meant to be the last fuckin' word on the subject, it's an overview cobbling together of a few ideas that just might make a bit of sense for past, present, and future.

Men are slaves. We've been conditioned to it from birth onwards. Hell, we've been bred to it over hundreds of thousands of years. The man impregnates the woman. The man protects the woman. The man provides for the woman. Men as a group shield and protect women (and children) as a group.

Like I said: bred for it. If you didn't do your part, you probably didn't breed. Unless you as a man went feral and just raped and did whatever, which is a different subject - and yes a lot of men have gone feral these days. There's also the cuckoo for an example, which is why it's said that at least 10% of children are not from the "father".

On the whole: Men built the structure of civilization - which was used to expand and protect the social structure, constructed by and ultimately benefiting women. The better social structure produced the better civilization structure.

In the old days life was nasty, brutal and short. Especially short for women. When she gets preggers her immune system changes to protect both her and the baby. Her immune system, heart, and lungs are altered - making her more susceptible to some things (like influenza and bacteria in food, raw fish for example).

Cooking was a boon not just for easier access to the nutritional and energy content of food. It killed any nasty microbes in it too. Probably at that point, life-expectancy made it's first jump.

Because for the woman things were so much tougher (life in general was so much tougher) she was heavily dependent upon the man. She had to be pleasant towards him or he'd probably just say "fuck it" and leave her in the lurch. You see that these days when you go to a hell-hole and have the girls throw themselves at you. Anything to get out of that hell-hole.

Of course, once she's out, there's nothing to stop her from saying: "I got my green card. Divorce, alimony, fuck off you bastard - though you're still my slave. Next!" My thought is that if you actually stayed in the hell-hole, using your money to make a better life there than the local yokels can manage, your woman would be incredibly loyal to you in every way.

With industrialization, women got more options. Things like medicine, easier access to food and shelter, not having to slave away half as much. That's the point that women started agitating for more freedoms: they had the spare time and energy, less danger, and a highly-developed social network to work through. When a woman's in poverty conditions in a hell-hole she don't have time or energy for bullshit. Staying alive has a higher priority.

Better health and food produced bigger babies, so the C-section was invented. Even though not the best way, it's better than trying to shit a watermelon for 2 days. The incidence of death in birth dropped. The birth-control pill also freed her from the inconveniences of pregnancy - she could fuck around to her heart's content and actually have babies once she decides to settle down with her personal slave and push out some kidlets.

This didn't stop the impulsive girls from fucking around and having dumbass "mistakes" - so of course, the social mores had to change to protect women. The fact that industrialization gives so much spare production capacity made this possible. In the old days bastard children were a tremendous drain on society, these days not so much. Especially with child-support and blanket taxation the "norm".

So here we are now. Fuck around with the "best" men, have a fine time, it all gets picked up by the taxpayer if she can't find a man to settle down with. Nowhere near ideal yet she's gonna live and breed. If she chooses a man for child-support purposes, he gets no say - often even if a paternity test comes up negative. Tremendous social pressure to man up and marry these sluts.

Notice all this was created to benefit the women and for female convenience. The social structure was created by women, the civilization grew around it, advances put the best civilization in control, etc. Not one thing done to benefit men directly (only indirectly regarding breeding), it was all developed around the protection of women and breeding and children.

Which is why you don't see no male birth control yet. Female birth control was developed (via pressure from society, which is controlled by women) to ease the situation of women. Men need not apply. Now if us men walked through the streets in the hundreds of thousands, chanting slogans and demanding "we want male birth control!" it'd be done within a year or two. This because the male plumbing is technically a hell of a lot easier to deal with than the female plumbing.

It ain't happened because men are still mentally slaves en-masse. We are still disposable utilities in the minds of women, in the Zeitgeist of society, and - truth be said - even in our own minds. Just look up the start of this post, where I wrote: "We're men. We're tough. We'll deal with it." That's the male mindset of "just deal with it" from a slave who sighs and knuckles down and does things - in contrast with the female mindset of "whine until a man fixes it for me".

So lets look at the present and near-future. Women have less need of men than ever, other than as sex objects (for breeding) and to keep them in comfort (as a provider-slave). Physical protection? Don't make me laugh. Society is currently thrashing around a bit, trying to sort it's way through this radical change of circumstances that happened in just a short couple of centuries.

Further, society is developing the next piece of technology to alleviate women's difficulties: the inconvenience of birth. Yes, artificial wombs are under development. Currently legal restrictions limit the gestation-period to roughly 14 days. You can be sure that this will be slowly, slightly, extended by another couple of days...weeks,..months. Eventually full gestation will occur.

At that point: no need for pregnancy. Women (especially Feminists) will rejoice! Men won't care too much - we're still in the mindset of slaves. In fact, if the time is spread out enough, even we might think that it's a good idea. The solution to declining population has been found. Plus for other, less-altruistic reasons.

At this point three possible things could happen:

1/ Men latch on to the technology and use it to create sex slaves (not to breed with, just to fuck). All of a sudden, women's only real value to men - as a fucktoy to breed with - is gone. The "personality" of a fucktoy is meaningless (like a robotic sex toy to men or dildo to women).

2/ Women latch on to the technology and use it to breed sex slaves and worker slaves. The sex slaves will be specially-groomed smoothly-social high-quality fucktoys for the women, the worker slaves are low-quality drones to keep civilization going.

3/ Both could happen. Humanity splits off into two divergent civilizations - or possibly creates a hybrid. The male side would probably be more dynamic and growth-oriented, the female side would be more of a stasis civilization filled with bickering and petty cat-fighting and backstabbing.

If you were a woman, you'd not like the male side of civilization. You'd be one of dozens of fucktoys per man, nothing more. Your society wouldn't mean squat. If you were a man, you'd not like the female side of civilization. You'd be a fucktoy or a worker slave, nothing more. There would be dozens of male fucktoys per woman, disposed of or turned into a worker slave after a certain age.

On the whole I would suspect a slightly higher chance of the male civilization becoming dominant. This is because men are on the upper extreme a lot more intelligent than women and generally have a wider IQ distribution. Yes, currently we use it with the mentality of a slave towards women - that mentality might be disposed of (just look at the grass-eaters of Japan and MGTOW).

Plus on the whole, men-only groups of workers tend to be more relaxed and cooperative than women-only groups (who are catty and snippy with each other). Probably because of our breeding to be slaves to women. Unless you're a rogue, you needed to be able to cooperate - you are the outside buffer of civilization, disposable as required.

It's only when women are nearby, when you're suddenly in competition for a woman, that the dynamic changes for men.

A thought-experiment - who knows? Only time will tell.


  1. It's not easy to act against one's programming, but certainly it's not impossible. With enough motivation and examples around how 'just going with the flow' usually ends, living for oneself becomes more enticing than being subjugated by some harpy.

    1. Yeah, it's getting woken up. In many cases the waking up requires something pretty damn nasty to happen.

    2. Hmmm, interesting! Perhaps I should have trawled through Dalrock's stuff more. Not that I have the time to read everything.

    3. You might like this blog post as well. Attention: misogyny/crimethink alert, LOL.

    4. 'Thoughtcrime' is difficult to pronounce. Too many consonants without vowels between them.

  2. Great article, but some none factual stuff

    C-sections are highly dangerous, which is why the u.s has some of the worst mortality rates for child birth

    Also the main reason we have no male pill, because the male pill is very, very easy to make, all you have to do is block the tube for ejaculating, just apply some force to the penis & you have your male birth control ... in fact when i have some cash & free time, i'll invent one

    All you need is a sensor to detect movement in the ejaculating tube when coming, & block the flow of semen, or you can do it manually, plus you can do it externally just attach it to the base of your penis & block the flow of semen

    Also you greatly underestimate the level of fascism coming our way, tumblr is just the beginning

    Massive enslavement, indefinite imprisonment, no due process, no discovery, no facts of law

    Look up workfare in Britain, a fancy name for slavery in Britain

    Millions of britains are being forced to work for 10 pens an hour, or they loose their housing benefits & welfare

    1. Risug/vaselgel actually sorts it semi-permanently - was invented 10 years ago. No screaming outcry from males for it, so it hasn't gone mainstream. Girl's probably won't like it, they want their baby and involuntary child support aka slave.

      I'm not surprised that C-sections are more dangerous than you would think. Slicing through umpteen layers of belly-muscle, IIRC they sew things back together in three different layers - just in case. No expert on that though. Note that there's also the "too posh to push" BS that's going on.

      Workfare, we used to have something similar in NZ long ago - called PEP IIRC (Project Employment Personnell?). With this blogpost I was thinking of slaves specially bred for working, hormones tickled and the like for a mix of docility and deliberately-extreme ADHD so the slave focuses intensely on work yet has no real social skills and is not taught any.

      Combine that with brainwashing/conditioning for an entire population. Imagine working 16-hour days, eat and sleep and work work work. Dead slaves would become Soylent Green for other slaves to consume, much like dead copper-tops being liquefied in The Matrix movie to nourish the living.

    2. I should have added the advances in medicine helping to keep children alive. Instead of having to have 7+ children, just to have 3-4 survive until childbearing age, I woman now only needs 2 to maintain civilization. Preferably 3, so that the population can grow and to cater for accidents.

      This could have been an added incentive for developing birth control for women.

    3. Seems to me the future will look more like "Blade Runner". Vast poverty amidst the polyglot non-white population, while the various Boards of Directors live in luxury. Still, not every man is a slave.

      The various conquerors of history had little to do with women.