Tuesday 7 October 2014

Watching Over Children

From a conversation in the staff-room at work today:

Her: I just came back from a long weekend. (bitterly) Though there were kids to look after, so not much of a weekend.

Me: I like the man's way of looking after kids. Point outside and say "go run the piss outta yourselves". Then grab a beer and watch rugby.

Her: Yeah. (envious)

Me: Of course, that's just the maaan's way. (teasing)

Her: (laughing)

Me: And if you don't like it. Well. Fuck you too! (mock offended)

Her: (laughing)

You can say damn near anything if you do it in the right tone of voice.

Of course, remember, to a woman - watching over children is haaard. Even if they've just got toddlers, and they've called up a female friend with another toddler, and they're sitting outside in the grass having a jawfest while the toddler is playing.

It's. So. Haaaaaard.

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