Thursday 16 October 2014

New Female Perks Available

Over on NBC News, they have an article extolling the new perk available to teh wimminz working in some Silicon Valley companies (note that the writer is a woman):

Perk Up: Facebook and Apple Now Pay for Women to Freeze Eggs

I'm slightly surprised by this. All that hoo-raw about telling people to stay out of their wombs (the whole we-want-abortion bit) now hypocritically turned around to "thank you for freezing our eggs for us for free" (aka "you're now welcome to poke around in our wombs"). So long as it benefits them, of course.

Amusing that it's the tech-giants Facebook and Apple doing this for their female employees. Female nagging finally got to you huh. Mental note: wait to see if it will be extended to the wives of male workers. It is only fair that it be available to all.
“Having a high-powered career and children is still a very hard thing to do,” said Brigitte Adams, an egg-freezing advocate and founder of the patient forum By offering this benefit, companies are investing in women, she said, and supporting them in carving out the lives they want.
People thoroughly brainwashed into the have-a-career-and-children-both mindset. It's gonna be amusing seeing them at age 85, standing there with the support of their zimmer frame (or exoskeleton) all proud and happy that their darling little 25yo kidlets have just graduated from college. I wonder how the kidlets will feel about it, calling them "mom" and "dad".

Though by then, with persistent social indoctrination, it will probably be the "social norm" and politically incorrect to even hint that the family are such late-bloomers.

Here's some thought-provoking stuff from the article:
While techniques and success rates are improving, there's no guarantee the procedure will lead to a baby down the road. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine doesn’t keep comprehensive stats on babies born from frozen eggs – in fact, the group cautions against relying on egg freezing to extend fertility – though experts say the earlier a woman freezes her eggs, the greater her chances of success. Doctors often recommend women freeze at least 20 eggs, which can require two costly rounds. 
But in the two years since the ASRM lifted the “experimental” label from egg freezing, experts say they’ve seen a surge in women seeking out the procedure. Fertility doctors in New York and San Francisco report that egg-freezing cases have nearly doubled over the past year.
Anything to retain some biological relevancy? It's worrying that "there's no guarantee" and that "the group cautions against relying on egg freezing to extend fertility". There's your warning-flag right there, that it might not be a good idea. Yet some women are still rushing giddily into it.

This particular part of the article is interesting also:
Companies may be concerned about the public relations implications of the benefit – in the most cynical light, egg-freezing coverage could be viewed as a ploy to entice women to sell their souls to their employer, sacrificing childbearing years for the promise of promotion.
Yes, I am a cynical bastard. I'm surprised that the writer actually put this up there, yet good on her for doing so. Everyone should look at everything from a cynical point of view - or at least, in my opinion it's a good idea. That way you have a better chance of being pleasantly surprised, instead of unpleasantly. At any rate, let's imagine a slightly-strange conversation:

Female HR: Hi Mary. How went the first round of getting your eggs frozen?

19yo Mary: Uh, it kinda went okay...

Female HR: Good to hear. We do our best to help keep your future options for children open.

Imagine that with a chipper Female HR person. Actually I can't imagine that. The whole thing comes across as some kind of fatuously-awkward actor in an advertisement, extolling the virtues of a company and how well they take care of their female employees future children. What a social minefield to definitely avoid. Though thinking about it: more training for specialist HR! More sensitivity training for teh evil menz!

Speaking of potential minefields: what's gonna happen if an employee jumps ship? Or if something goes wrong with the freezer 10+ years in the future and the eggs are goneski when teh wimminz wants to get preggers 20+ years in the future? Lawsuits galore!

Here is something for the PUAs and even more cynical lothario's than I am to potentially take advantage of, now and in the future - the women get about 10 days of fertility drug injections. If you can find out when she's been made to artificially ovulate you might be sneakily in with a grin for your bang-trophy:
Women generally need about two weeks of flexibility for one cycle of egg freezing. After about ten days of fertility drug injections, patients undergo a relatively short outpatient procedure – and they’re “back to work the next day,” said Lynn Westphal, Associate Professor Obstetrics and Gynecology at Stanford University Medical Center.
So find a woman doing this and apply your suave ways - you have ten days. Maybe two or three tries at hitting it, too. You know that somebody will do it.

Right at the end is the best bit:
But the emotional and cultural payoff may be more valuable, said (Christy) Jones: Offering this benefit “can help women be more productive human beings.”
It's amusing to me when a woman considers any other women's value to society to be only "productive" - effectively just another laborer. Raising children and creating a healthy and happy home life is not considered to be worthy of any effort or praise or public acknowledgement.

Cynically yours, BlackPoisonSoul.


I forgot to add the last flavors of cynicism  to this:

The poor little dears don't have the dollars to get their eggs frozen themselves. They gotta get it given to them because it's more important personally for them to spend their money on: high heels, boob jobs, lipstick, plastic surgery, and fingernail polish.


  1. And in all this, no-one gives a fuck about the kids. Kids who (as you point out) will have a 50-year-old "mom" in their teens, and probably no father.

    1. Actually I figure that she'll be much older than that. Finishing college at 25 while "mom" is in her zimmer frame, means 85 - 25 = 60 is the time to start having her kiddies. So their "mom" would be 70 years old as they hit their teens. As you say, no father.

      But then, I'm a cynical bastard.

    2. Most kids born to 30 yr old women, are euthanised in their 20s

      ie murdered for having huge amounts of genetic defects

      The dirty truth is only girls from 13 to 20 are able to give birth to children

      Even at the age of 25 is pushing it

      The optimal age for a girl to give birth is 13 to 15, anything above that & a womans immune system nosedives into infertility & genetic defects

      Also 13 & 15 year olds have the highest ability to bond with their child, as their hormones are at their peak

    3. Also abortion has nothing to do with birth control

      It has everything to do with the older the woman, the more likely she aborts, as she doesnt have enough oxcytocin or the chemicals to bond with the child

    4. It's interesting that the Social Purity Society - a bunch of not-hugely-good-looking-wimminz - got the age of consent raised from 13 to 16 in America, back in 1885 or so. Prior to then any woman over 18 years old was considered a spinster and past it for marriage, etc.

      Even these days in Japan, 13 is considered old enough in situations of a sincere romantic relationship or with parental approval. Though 18 is considered the normal age of consent.

    5. Can you see, BPS, what it takes to be a PUA? Having no problems with writing as such:
      "Most kids born to 30 yr old women, are euthanised in their 20s
      ie murdered for having huge amounts of genetic defects
      The dirty truth is only girls from 13 to 20 are able to give birth to children"

      He has a talent for misrepresentation rivaling a typical woman. I'd love to see anything credible supporting these wild yarns. What's next? Aliens who abducted Elvis?

    6. Feminism is modern day christianity, the social purity movement was a core backbone of christianity

      Christians have basically moved on from worshipping god, to venerating women under the name of feminism

      Feminism is christianity under a different name,

      Also all of this was known to traditionalists for centuries, its all basic biology

      Women dont have active muscle mass to stress their immune system, causing it to degrade rapidly

      This is essentially why women hit the wall, or loose their looks in their mid 20s, they dont have enough stem cells circulating in their system, to regenerate oxidation & carcinogenic effects of the environment

      Also fertility is a highly stressful event, requiring a woman at her peak biological fitness

      A woman is at her peak fitness in her teens 13 to 16, a man is in his peak at 25-to-40

      Also men arent designed to bond with women, theyre designed to bang hundreds of women

      This is why 10 year old kids find women & girls repulsive & offensive

      Women are basically obsolete by the time they hit 25

      Google geriatric birth

      Women over the age of 25 were called a geriatric birth, by medical doctors up until the 1980s