Wednesday 15 October 2014

Trolls Gotta Troll

On my last post, Anonymous (Coward) left a comment of frothing, dribbling insanity:
Women love male inconsistency if you pull it off with the right kind of entitled self-confidence.
Oh no wait, you're one of those anti-game clowns who thinks women are REALLY LOOKING FOR A NICE GUY WHO PUTS THEM ON A PEDESTAL.

So yeah, go on trying to please them by being consistent. Let me know when it starts working.

No dumbass, I'm not saying put up with rudeness if it doesn't amuse you. I'm saying don't treat women like men. THEY AREN'T MEN duhhhh.
I was a little surprised. Normally I attract a far better class of commentator, whether they agree with me or not. Then it clicked and I realized that this person exemplifies the Manosphere's male analogue of the feminist/leftist/Marxist lackey:
  • little to no reading comprehension
  • jumps to erroneous conclusions
  • has little to nothing of value to impart
  • seems to assume that others have no brains (projection?)
...and so finally...
  • belittles others
  • resorts to insults and personal attacks
Just like a good little feminist-leftie-Marxist does.

I can't be bothered refuting him point-by-point. The reason: to me he comes across as having a sub-100 IQ and I can't be bothered trying to reason with or point out errors to someone who is obviously heavily emotionally invested in the whole PUA thing. Nutshell: things like "read X post which disproves your Y statement" to trolls are a waste of time - because their minds are closed.

All I could be bothered doing was suggest that he read the other 400 posts in my blog (in fact this is the 403rd post). If he actually does (unlikely) then he might realize that I don't put any of these useless cunts on a pedestal, nor do I lap up their runny shit, nor do I advocate that any man lap up their runny shit.

Most especially: I do not advocate men acting like dancing monkeys, jumping through hoops to entertain the brain-damaged specimens of narcissistic wonder that the typical PUA seems to think so highly of.

In my opinion: they're not worth that much effort to dump a fuck into.

In my opinion: lapping up these women's runny shit in an effort to coax her into sex is taking a massive dump on your own personal dignity and pride.

I much prefer that men act with uncompromising personal dignity and pride. It is what makes a man.


  1. I touched a nerve, didn't I?

    Here's an analogy (look it up, Mr. Not-Sub-100-IQ):

    If you think cars are dumb and motorcycles are cool, counter steering a car still won't work.

    If you have a dog, you have to communicate with it in dog terms, because human terms won't get through it's thick skull.

    If you have a horse, you have to communicate with it in terms horses understand.

    If you walk into a restaurant and speak to the waiter in the terms he understands, he will serve you.

    Horses, dogs, cars, restaurants, and women are pleasant to have around. They try very hard to please you if you operate them correctly.

    That doesn't mean the car or the dog or the waiter is in charge.

    I don't think you've ever had a satisfactory relationship with a woman. I think you're scared of them. You can't even imagine the woman NOT being in charge. You just don't get it.

    "There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio..."

  2. Fascinating. Deliberately press a couple of buttons and the response is as expected. Overblown explanations, feminist boilerplate shaming attempt, overall more frothing and dribbling.

    This is the type of Manosphere person that the ABC News, 20/20 Manosphere piece was attempting to elicit a raving response from. Thankfully they got far more rational responses.

    This brings up an interesting question. Ordinary troll? Or something attempting to Meta-Troll? Hmmmm.

  3. Most if not all PUAs lack personal standards and only care about getting laid. They are all about compromising their personal dignity and pride if they can get their dick wet.

    1. I won't claim all.

      I will claim that the PUAs of my acquaintance - here in bum-fuck-Egypt, middling-town New Zealand - are quite happy to cockblock you. Even though you've deliberately helped them to get laid multiple times.

      Which is why I've referred to them in past posts as sacks of shit and no longer hang out with them on any kind of regular basis. Though I occasionally keep tabs with one of 'em, just to keep an eye on what's going on among the local slut-and-party scene.

    2. Im not too fond of other PUAs as well lol, the PUA community attracts alot of low i.q men

      Which is understandable as the poor & low i.q usually want to reproduce rapidly, because of their genetic deficiency

      Also PUA is all about increasing your personal dignity & pride to get their dick wet

      Women for all their faults are experts at social interaction, your levels of confidence & self belief have to be through the roof to compete with women on a social level

      This is essentially why sociopaths do so well with women

      Dancing monkeys may peak interest, but they dont get the lay

      Imagine not being able to eat, how many hoops would you jump through

      Sex is a biological function, just like eating, food sustenance

      Deprive a man of sex as a biological function & you have modern society, run & controlled by sexual puritanical groups, designed to make men jump through hoops, by depriving them of a vital biological function

      This is why PUA is just as important as MRA & MGTOW, so men dont have to jump through the hoops of society just to get laid

      PUAs allows thirsty men starved of sex as a biological function, to satisfy their thirst, without being enslaved to a woman just to get laid

      PUA & game dramatically reduces the cost of sex & frees men from the social chains of society, just to get laid

      Sex for men is just as important as eating & thirst, its a vital biological function

  4. Slut-Shame is Game18 December 2014 at 06:51

    That anonymous coward is just one of those Red Puke (Pill) retards who delude themselves into thinking they are "Alphas" even though they play women's games by women's rules. If there is justice in this world, they'd all catch STDs from the sluts that they "pick up".

    1. Quite a few of them probably do.

      On the whole, I prefer BoneCrkr's guide to what is Alpha/Beta/Omega/Zeta. Things aren't always 100% clear-cut though - and I've done stuff that in retrospect has been pure Omega/Zeta.