Thursday 16 October 2014

Cheating And Adultery Going Mainstream

Here's something that I wasn't previously aware of: there are a ton of apps which are designed to facilitate cheating.

Here is a mainstream news outlet (The Atlantic) talking about it. The writer of the article is a woman.

Here is one of the established apps, Call And Text Eraser (first concept was back in September 2012). It is specifically pitched as a cheating app.

I am exceptionally behind the times on this one. No wonder there is a massive drop-off in marriage rates among the younger generation.

Interesting the hypocritical mindset that is written about.


  1. Never has it been a better time to be a cad, never has it been a worse time to be a married man

    1. Yes indeed. It's almost amusing the mental disconnect with these companies. Anything for a profit.

      Also amusing how someone uses them specifically to cheat, then gets bent out of shape when a girlfriend cheats on him. Another mental-emotional disconnect.

      All these are trends that make human contacts more shallow and meaningless. With the side-effect of making people themselves more shallow and meaningless. Marriage? A meaningless sham of zero worth, as the younger generation know deep in their bones.