Thursday 9 October 2014

Pandering to Crazy Women

In the theme of PUA Is Broken, I see Chateau Heartiste is still teaching men to validate crazy women by jumping through their hoops and trying to still get into her pants even though she's preemptively said "No".

Even though she's being an utter cunt, you are still being brainwashed encouraged to try and "salvage" the situation and get into her pants. To give her her dose of narcissistic supply. No matter what she does, PUAs are still being brainwashed encouraged to try and use her as a cum-bucket to get their rocks off with.

Stop the pandering, stop jumping through hoops for them, stop putting them up on a pedestal (still) as if she's worth the effort of fucking. At least some of the guys there seem to get it. Remember:

Never put your dick in crazy. (And they're all crazy.)

This is also reinforcing another fallacy of the PUA: the myth that finding a "decent woman" is possible among the habitual good-time-girls (aka sluts) in the party-scene. They would do better to acknowledge to (and among) themselves that:

  • they are training themselves to be good-time-boys
  • that this is only for a good time, nothing serious
  • that it doesn't actually matter if the girl is left better or worse
  • that the girls are already fucking broken
  • that the girls are getting exactly what they want
  • that they are actually dumpster-diving
  • that they are cherry-picking for good looks among a general wasteland of shit
I don't deplore what they do - more power to them. What disturbs me is the self-deception and lies that goes along with the territory. When they're not being honest with themselves, when they're still putting her up on a pedestal, when they're taking a massive shit on their personal dignity - it simply can't be good for their personal mental state.

Nor the mental state of the entitled/crazy women. Seriously. When a man persists in chasing a crazy who has preemptively said "No" then he's validating both her shitty existence and shitty behavior. Instant narcissistic supply.

Cut that crazy cunt down to size and walk away. Remember: You Don't Have Time For This Crap.

Set yourself free from crazy - especially from begging crazy to let you stick your dick in her.


  1. Erm women who say no arent crazy ... theyre just disrespectful & need a slap

    Calling women crazy, excuses their disrespectful bullshit

    Also the whole point of PUA is to get laid, banging toxic narcistic bitches is par for the course

    1. Regarding women who say no not being crazy: please read the Chateau link. In this situation it is about a woman being high-end bitchy-crazy preemptively. Heartiste himself says it in his post.

      Of course the whole concept of PUA is to get laid. The problem (in my view) is a PUA lying to himself about the types and quality of women that he is hunting among. Coupled with lying to himself about "making them better" (impossible).

    2. I always thought that "leave them better than you found them" saying was/is completely laughable. I guess that is PUA guru speak for "disclaimer." Every man who is honest with himself knows he is ruining the girl (or further damaging the girl if she is already broken) for the next guy when he slays the pussy.

    3. Plus you weren't put on this world to fix crazy. Leave that to the professionals that get paid for it, and the deluded White Knights.