Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Keep On With The Shaming Tactics

This is what the morons of feminists, leftists, and Marxists never realize.

Shaming only works if the target of your shaming gives a shit about you and your beliefs.

It doesn't work if the target of your shaming thinks that you're a piece of shit and couldn't care much less if you never existed.

Which, thinking about it, is probably why feminism and leftism seem so resilient. They're so self-absorbed with their self-importance and have such self-regard and self-attention - that they cannot pay you any real attention.

Not enough to feel deeply, truly ashamed, at any rate.

Does this mean to stop slut- and fatty-shaming? Nah. Keep it up. What the fuck, not like you doing anything else.


I don't know about others. The more I'm shamed, the more I walk away from the dipshits.

And yes, I know that there's a contradiction in this lot.

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