Tuesday 21 October 2014

Keep On With The Shaming Tactics

This is what the morons of feminists, leftists, and Marxists never realize.

Shaming only works if the target of your shaming gives a shit about you and your beliefs.

It doesn't work if the target of your shaming thinks that you're a piece of shit and couldn't care much less if you never existed.

Which, thinking about it, is probably why feminism and leftism seem so resilient. They're so self-absorbed with their self-importance and have such self-regard and self-attention - that they cannot pay you any real attention.

Not enough to feel deeply, truly ashamed, at any rate.

Does this mean to stop slut- and fatty-shaming? Nah. Keep it up. What the fuck, not like you doing anything else.


I don't know about others. The more I'm shamed, the more I walk away from the dipshits.

And yes, I know that there's a contradiction in this lot.

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