Monday 13 October 2014

You Can Get Away With More Than You Think You Can

Especially with regards to women. Men or women though, it comes down to: make 'em laugh.

You can say the most racially insensitive crap - so long as you make 'em laugh.

This is how you can say: "I'm gonna get in the pimpmobile, gonna cruise around looking for some hoes." And she'll be laughing her fucking head right off. Never mind that it's racist as fuck.

You can swear at someone to their face - so long as you make 'em laugh. Like this little interaction, today, with a cute-ass 8 at work (good thing I don't fish off the company pier):

Her: Dammit you fixed it! Now I've gotta work!

Me: Yeh? Tough fucking shit.

Her: Things were so much easier when all I had to do was paint my nails while waiting!

Me: Get back to fucking work slave! (whipcrack)

I was wearing a big ole shit-eating grin while saying all that, of course. And she was laughing her ass off, lapping it up.

Go into a meeting, be a complete shit. They start talking about customer problems, I say: "Fuck the bloody customer. They're a pain in the fucking ass with this bull-fucking-shit. Fire the fucking lot of them." I'm well-known for my Marketing-101. The guys laugh it up, it relieves the tension, then we can fix whatever-the-fuck is going wrong in the systems.

Make 'em laugh. You can get away with more than you think you can.

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