Wednesday 22 October 2014

Strong Empowered Women

The ancient refrain of: "You can't handle a strong, empowered woman!"

You spent your youth chasing dick. I'm out.
Nice room, though.


  1. Heh. A pubic tattoo, too much mascara, black toenail polish, 'wet hair' effect gel, can't keep the mouth closed even for a photo, the room is overcrowded with bibelots, likes 'retro' style Art Novueau inspired furniture that catches dust like crazy. On the plus side no navel piercing and has a nice silhouette and skin tone.

    1. Gel or mousse, hard to tell from a glance.

    2. At a glance I would say mousse.

      I've had ex-girlfriends use mousse to create softness and bounce, let their hair flow and move and be drapey/soft. Other ex-girlfriends have used gel to make their hair stiffer and stay in place, do shit like spikes and stiff waves and all.

    3. Re the Art Nouveau stuff catching dust like crazy - yep. In those days people who had that sort of furniture either had a servants or a woman who actually cleaned more'n once a week.