Wednesday 2 October 2013

An Object Lesson

Never fuck a dancer.

Never allow a woman back into your life, even peripherally.

Back when I was naive, I did both. Actually the first mistake wasn't that bad: women self-destruct their relationships sooner or later, you just have to learn to structure your life so that she cannot screw you up.

The second mistake was the bad one. Really bad. Because that allowed her the opportunity to have another self-destructive meltdown at my expense. Thus exposing me to more "he said, she said, he said she said..." fucking female drama.

Women thrive on this shit. I think that if they could, they would have it liquified and mainlined directly into their veins just so they can get the highest high possible. Add a special seasoning of your crushed heart and your bitter tears (kiddies tears are delicious too).

Until you stop bleeding.

Until you harden up.

Until your heart turns to stone.

Until you have stainless steel bowling balls for testicles.

Until you do what you want and ignore women's shit.

Until you realise, finally, that life is to be lived on your terms only.

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