Saturday 28 September 2013

Cold Revenge

Captain Capitalism has an excellent post about having your revenge upon women - by not being there when they need you: Captain Capitalism: Your Revenge is Through Non-Participation

This reminded me of when I was in my first six months of swallowing the Red Pill. I left a comment on his post:
Back in my first six months of the process of taking the Red Pill I was talking with a couple of girls about men and women and dating. One girl was 27, the other 39 (I was 45).
I mentioned the old half age plus 7 years maxim for men looking at women. 39yo and I reversed it and worked out the age of men who would be looking at her: early 60s. She then confessed that on online dating sites, she only got attention from guys around 65yo and older.
I could feel her die a little inside.
I felt a strong sense of schadenfreude in that moment. The glee at the discomforture of others, coupled with a little twinge of sympathy.

Such are the slightly-bitter joys of gently, seemingly-accidentally, exposing some of the poison in society to the victims of said poison. Dispensing a little red-pill knowledge to the world can have its little rewards.

27yo now has a long-term boyfriend around her own age, she got the idea pretty quick after that talk and stopped fucking around. Even so this will be her second marriage. 39yo had a brief fling with a 30yo and bragged about it so much that she alienated most of her friends. Was a shock to her when he broke up with her - no surprise, delusions are free.

For myself: it is a beautiful spring day in New Zealand. I'm going to go enjoy it by walking down the beach.

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