Wednesday 18 September 2013


From an MBTI stance:

Feelers (generally women, some men) have no control over their emotions.

Thinkers (generally men, some women) have control over their emotions.

From interacting with many (a couple of hundred) people who are also into MBTI, one trend became very obvious: the tendency of Feelers towards groupthink.

I thought about this for a while and came to the following thought: that Feelers constantly talk over, spread the word, bounce ideas off each other, etc regarding any decision. This in an effort to reassure themselves that the decision is the correct one. They'll also go back over their thinking, ad nauseum, in an orgy of perpetual self-doubt.

The implication becomes: that they do not entirely trust their own feelings, therefore they must seek the approval of others to reassure them that yes, their feelings are correct, they are the right way to go, etc. When things go right they congratulate themselves, when they go wrong they blame others.

Thus: groupthink, decisions and responsibility (or lack of) by consensus.

It seems defective, like a stripped screw, turning endlessly, never stopping. (An assessment which was confirmed by women Feelers when I spoke of it. One said that she utterly hated it, that she had to go to others for reassurance, that she felt like a burden.)

Contrast that with a thinker like myself. I don't trust emotions either, yet I control mine. The results of my thinking tend to be trusted by myself and to heck with others thoughts. I know what I want, what I think, upon many subjects - once that has been decided its done, filed, not thought about any more. My brain can go think on something else now.

The conclusion: Feelers (mostly women) are herd animals, an assertion which is basically borne out by evolutionary psychology.

The follow-up question (I've never heard anyone articulate before) is: what kind of herd animal?

Prehistoric men used to drive mastodon off a cliff, it was an accepted form of hunting. Certainly there are no mastodon around any more. But that was a physical act, it wasn't voluntary. And you don't see most animals out there jumping off cliffs on a regular basis - other than lemmings. Interesting, every three or four years there is a mass-migration that results in the death of millions.

Now, some fucktard is sure to say: "women are not lemmings!"

They are correct, yet human society exhibits some lemming-like characteristics on the whole. Self-destructive from an evolutionary view (lowered birth rates) when civilised, choosing to breed with the least-intellectual men, the more intellectual waiting for the right time, etc. Stupidity breeds faster than brains. Look at the fall of Rome, and Sparta, etc.

Feelers breed faster than Thinkers. The current society is set up for this, so impulse-breeders have a social safety-net. In fact it is encouraged with "you go grrrrl!" and similar enthusiasms for "heroic single moms". Sadly, the lesser number of Thinkers tends to prop up the greater masses of feelers. If nothing else, Thinkers will invent things far more often than Feelers do (who tend to whine a lot, from a Thinker's point of view). We also plan ahead a lot more.

Feelers didn't make the steam engine, electricity, lighting, computers, and the like. Yes, they may appreciate these things - yet they didn't settle down and THINK them through and create them. Just like Feelers didn't think through the current social mores and law-system, beyond "it might benefit me" and "it feels good" and "that would be nice".

When you don't think, the governors come off and everything goes to shit. Then the Feelers blame everyone else for the problems - when in reality, it's their own fault for not fucking thinking.

It is sad to see our society going to shit for lack of rational thinking.

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