Wednesday 25 September 2013

STIs vs STDs

Here is an example of the "taming" of language, probably in an effort to fit into the Feminine Imperative regarding the celebration of slutdom aka riding the cock carousel. It probably all goes to help towards the "Man up and marry those sluts!" theme which they harp on so shrilly.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

It sounds quite benign, doesn't it. It evokes mental Images of a mother pampering a small child with a scraped knee, painting it with Dettol™ (iodine in my day) and putting a soft pad on it. A couple of band-aids complete the ensemble and the teary-eyed child gets a cuddle and a kiss and goes outside to run around and play again.

A little heartwarming memory of when we were kiddies. Infections are small things, easily fixed with antibiotics, or even that clear themselves up with time. Like the common cold, or 'flu.

This is a far cry from:

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Because y'know, diseases are a helluva more serious shit than a puny infection. Diseases kill people or leave them fucked up for the rest of their natural, y'know. Nasty crap like bubonic plague, ebola, leprosy, malaria, tuberculosis, measles, rubella, polio, influenza, etc.

So AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia, herpes, hepatitis, HPV, scabies, and crabs - these are merely infections these days. Not shit that can give you genital warts, oozing sores, heightened risk of cancer to the genitals and mouth/throat, or cause you to slowly waste away and die over a 10+ year period.

Or just make you fucking sterile, forever ruining any chance of having children.

Such a relaxed word, "infection". The language has been tamed, dumbed down, so as to soothe the masses into thinking that certain things are not as risky as they most definitely are. So that people will not realise that if they're even averagely sexually active, they have at least a 50% chance of contracting HPV (alone, more if you include others) during their lifetime - and HPV is a disease that causes either genital warts or cancer.

One solo mother that I dated had a 13yo little girl - who caught an STD that left her sterile. At the age of 14 (legal in NZ with the parents permission) she was bouncing around happily, crowing about now being legal and she could now do whatever she wanted because she now couldn't get preggers. Yippee!

Fucked. Up. That relationship obviously went nowhere, with those standards being taught to her daughter. (Last I heard she has custody of and is bringing up one of her grandchildren - from her thug son, who couldn't be bothered doing it himself.)

Har fucking har.

Diseases changed to infections, to further someone's agenda. Maybe feminists WANT women sterile and disease-ridden so that they too cannot breed? So that men will pass them up as fuckable material, let alone marriageable material?

Enjoy the poison. Ignore the politically-correct terms for things. Call them Sexually Transmitted Diseases and don't hesitate to rub someone's nose in it if they try to correct you. You're doing everyone a favor.

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