Wednesday 4 September 2013

Feminism is Terrorism

So, the latest garbage from the pieces of shit - can't call them women so they must have been crapped out of their Mommas ass - activists going by the name of "cliteracy":

Sadly, these cunts appear to be real. h/t to JudgyBitch for bringing them to our attention and from whom I've stolen the graphics.

It's enough to make you sigh in discouragement: another bunch of crazy cunts with their message of loopy-Lou fucktardism attempting to fill women's heads with more stupid messages aka propaganda aka fucked up shit.

Here is my rebuttal to this meme, thank you JB:

Enjoy the fucked-up poison that these deranged people put so eloquently on display. Enjoy pointing out just how fucked-up these retards are to all and sundry.

In the end, pointing the finger and mocking someone is the best cure for this kind of shit. Pass it on with glee!

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