Thursday 26 September 2013

What women say they want

This from a couple of the hoes in my Facebook, normally grist for extreme hilarity at the promiscuous hamsterbation which goes on:

This is so fucking wrong on so many levels. However it is symptomatic of the "feel-good" shit which is publically spouted by women. Let us examine why this is wrong:

On the surface women will go for someone who is proud and glad to have her. EXCEPT: women know inside that they're not perfect fucking snowflakes. If you're proud and glad to have her, then you don't really know her at all. Which means that you're dumb, and deluded, and clueless. Ewww.

On the surface women like the thought of someone who will take every risk and effort just to be with her. EXCEPT: that's clingy, desperate, and needy behaviour. Ewww.

Every woman in the world has taken a nasty great dump which has literally stunk the house out. Keep that in mind. Don't be afraid to say it, too. You just CANNOT worship that. The best that you can do is enjoy their company - if they're not too insane. Great inner chuckles can ensue at times, especially if you drop a little innocent comment in there that can kick the hamster into a higher gear.

You are far better off doing your own thing and ignoring her bullshit or calling her out on it. Make it damned plain that you are doing your own thing and the best that she can do is tag along for the ride. At least you keep your own dignity then.

Addendum: I posted on the original image saying that it was needy and desperate behaviour. It was censored. So I put up a post of my own calling that out, plus calling her gutless. Censor that, cunt. In dealing with these passive-aggressive bitches you need stainless-steel bowling balls for nuts.

Enjoy the poison.

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