Thursday 19 September 2013

Baby Rabies

After dance last night, four of us were out having a drink at the local pub and chatting while waiting for the live music to start up. The usual talk between two men and two women who are friendly and have shared interests. Both these girls are reasonable-looking (6+ on the scale on a bad day) and I'd bang either one - so long as she kept her mouth shut.

Both girls are professionals, a Nurse and Schoolteacher. Neither girl has a boyfriend, the reason becoming evident...

Eventually the subject of children and babies came up.

Woman 1 (28 y/o): When I'm 30 I'm going to get preggers.

Woman 2 (31 y/o): When I'm 38 I'm going to have a baby.

#1: Hey 38 is too old.

#2: I don't want to be held back, I'll wait until 38. I want one!

#1: Yeah women need babies!

#2: Yep! My clock is ticking and running out. I'll go onto the DPB. (Domestic Purposes Benefit - that's WELFARE in New Zealand.)

...and back and forth for a bit...

Neither girl mentioned a thing about having a husband - no surprise given the complete disconnect between no-boyfriend-now and apparently-no-boyfriend-then. Us two guys looked at each other and then we suggested to the girls: "No problems, just have a one-night-stand." "Yeah. Easy-peasy."

#2: Oh I don't want to be a solo mum! I don't know any girl who chooses that! (Ahah!)

Him: Actually every woman who gets divorced chooses THAT.

Me: I know some actually.

#1: Turkey baster, that'll fix us up.

#2: But where do we get the semen from?

Me: A one-night stand, some random guy will do. No problems at all, just choose someone from in the bar.

Him: Yeah, why try all that hassle when you can just have a casual fling.

#1: I work at the hospital, I'm sure that I can sort something out.

#2: But that seems so random...

Quite a bit more back-and-forth, before we eventually broke up and headed off home to sleep before the next day's stuff. You can tell from the gem's above though:

* no interest in the man involved (or any man)

* no interest in actual marriage (with anyone)

* brainless dribbling about having a baby (ignoring the hassles that come with them)

* not the SLIGHTEST mention about providing a good home-life for said baby (so definitely no man involved)

These are PROFESSIONAL girls - not some stereotypical low-end dumbass girl who's so stupid that she gets knocked up by accident. They are wanting it - bad. The baby-rabies desperation smokes off them both, driving away all men who might otherwise be interested in getting to know them.

These girls are intelligent (dumb), educated (brainwashed), and have everything going for them. Except: they can't find a boyfriend let alone a husband - who they have no desire for anyway. Plus they both have a mortgage (with no intent to ever pay it off) and still have student loan debts. Plus they're both at the stage where they have only 10% of their eggs left - eggs which are getting to the point of having problems.

You know, I ask who is more successful: this prize fucking pair who are $400+k in the hole or some barely-employed girl on the DPB/Welfare with zero debt and two kiddies to different men. I think the latter.

I can taste that poison smoking off you, you idiot women. You're actually too smart to be allowed to breed.


Now I'm in the market for a pretty, sensible, young, and fertile woman who hasn't lumbered herself with a ton of debt that I'm supposed to pay off for her. In short supply, I suspect.

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