Friday 13 September 2013


The lamest "plausibly deniable" advertisement for sexuality ever: the duckface (aka blowjob lips). You see narcissists doing this all the time, in selfies on Facebook.

Yes indeed, thank you for your advertisement - now suck my cock for me girls. If it isn't at least tickling your tonsils, let alone all the way down your throat, then you need more practice.

What's most amusing is that this behaviour starts very young: generally around the age of eleven or twelve. That's when girls start experimenting sexually. When you see a fourteen-year-old with pictures like this on her Facebook, you know that she's given quite a few blowjobs to the boys already.

It's just as good a signal as the slut with her tongue pierced - only a younger tell. This little girl will be getting a pierced tongue as soon as she can: because she likes to give blowjobs to assorted inappropriate men. The piercing is simply extra advertising signs of her sexuality, more explicit and more visible to all.

Enjoy those lips, lustfully wrapped around your cock. If not you, then she will blow someone else.

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