Thursday 27 October 2016

The Message

Her: You should go out with X, she likes you.

Me: No.

Her: What? *hamstershit*

Me: She sent me a message. I got it. No.

Her: *more hamstershit*


Both words and actions are the message. When you read the message behind the message.

Jumping ship from one man to another.

Divorcing her husband to play the field.

Partying when her kids are with the dad.

No thanks. No thanks. No thanks.

Read the message. Her actions and words tell you it. They are quite open. She's not hiding what she is. She's not even thinking about it. She simply subconsciously relies upon your clueless inattention.

You simply need to pay attention to what that message, those words and actions that comprise it, mean.

Her message is sub-rosa, unconscious, unintentional. She's not consciously aware of it. It's there, though - in the disconnect that she shows, that is very evident between, the shallow depths of her head and the reality that surrounds her.

"My children are my world."

That's why she jumped ship. That's why she dumped her husband. That's why she's a slut. That's why she changes boyfriends every month. That's why she's a party-girl. That's why it's all their fault.

You don't have to gloss over it. You can pick it up - you can be aware of it - you can read it. That message. That's right, that message. Clear as glass, obvious as daylight.

Hidden in plain sight. Even from her self.

And you can choose to act upon it, rather than other more overt messages. Messages like the bullshit script that society expects - insinuates - demands that you follow.

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