Friday 30 September 2016

Why I Think Trump Will Win

Yeah yeah, this ain't a political blog.

Yeah yeah, it's all the elites dribbling and frothing for the entertainment of the masses and to get their noses in the trough.

So why the fuck do I care if Trump wins?

Because from what I can see (here in New Zealand) he's a potential breath of sanity.

That's it. The one potential breath of sanity I've seen in a very long time.

I look at the insanity of women, I look at the insanity of our society. Hell, it's my self-chosen "mission" to expose the poisonous insanity in the soul of the world. "Exposing the black poison in the soul of the world." Fuckin' pretentious of me.

I actually think he has a chance.

The reason which makes me think this is reading some highbrow retards whinging that he sounds like a dockworker. Dude's a multi-millionaire, he's giving that witch Hillary a dry corn-holing with her own broomstick on the regular, and they're griping about how he sounds like a dockworker.

Fuckin' retards.

He sounds like a dockworker because he's appealing to the dockworkers and other common people.

See, the man's a businessman. You don't become a successful businessman by spouting feelgood crap and surrounding yourself with ass-lickers and yes-men. Cronyism doesn't do a whole lot of shit in his world.

What does do a whole lot of shit is those who tie steel and lay concrete. Who build the foundations for bridges and skyscrapers and shit like that. Fuckers who can do something, and who are being squeezed out of life.

The incessant talk of academia, the incessant dribbling of theories, doesn't mean shit when the rubber meets the road. What matters is building something that stands up and provides a service - something of real lasting worth, something that makes money.

Government and jawing doesn't make money. You can talk endlessly at the broken fuckin' air conditioner, that won't fix the fucker when it's 100-degrees out and climbing.

Trump is appealing to the middle-Americans, those who maintain and build this civilization. His message is: "It's time to build our civilization again." The broad implication is that nobody else in government is doing it. They'd rather talk and get their hog-nose into the fuckin' trough of public funds. Into your and my pockets. Into your and my lives.

So he's a breath of sanity in a kaleidoscope of fluffy illusions. He's kicking the funhouse mirrors of the asylum down in an effort to get the forced inmates out into the real world again. Of course those in charge of the asylum don't like him. He's showing that they're unnecessary. In fact, downright incompetent - if not actively dangerous.

Why do I give a shit about the world going to sanity?

I always have. I'd rather it didn't burn down, if there's a real viable alternative. If the sane can actually swap places with the insane Leftist babbling idiots.

You can't actually *do* anything with these Leftist idiots. You can't trust them. You can't make a deal with them. They lie and break their word at every opportunity. Going into business with them would be stupid, getting married to one would be lunacy of the highest order.

Then they have the chutzpah to blame *you* for the situation. It's *your* fault that they lie and cheat and steal from you. (Which it is, looked at in a certain bleak light - why the *fuck* are we trusting these cunts as far as we can spit a mouthful of fish-hooks? We've never really grasped just how fucked in the head they are - because the sane simply cannot comprehend the insane. Thus, the insane can get away with a shitload more than you'd think would be possible.)

I'd actually like to see the world begin to strive for excellence once more. Like the moon shots, before the Space Shuttle made space all so dreary and same-same. Reach out and *take* what's rightfully yours. All of fucking reality.

Or sit in the corner and drool, the nurses coming around occasionally to wipe your fuckin' chin and change your fuckin' depends.

I'd like the human race to dream once more. I mean really dream, of something epic - not of something dull and grey and bland like fifty shades of limp-wristed BDSM shit.

So I'm thinking that Trump is the last gasp attempt of real humanity to steer itself onto a path of some kind of worth...

...not end with a whimper.

If the latter occurs, I will pour the gasoline on the world myself and set that fucking cunt alight. Then watch it burn with enjoyment, hoisting a small glass of Grand Marnier in a toast, while still hoping that something better will grow from whatever remains of the pyre.


  1. As an Australian, there's really only one thing about the american president that I care about: Hillary Clinton as a senator and as Secretary of State cheerled or supported every single war for the past 30 or so years. Every time the american military wanted some money to bomb brown people living literally on the other side of the word, Hillary was right there hand in the air to vote "yea".

    There is only one of the two candidates who has outright said that going to war with Russia would be stupid. One of the two candidates who was not there to nod solemnly every time a US president said those terrible, terrible words: "all options are on the table".

    Trump wants to build a wall. He hasn't demonstrated a taste for genocide.

    As an Australian: that's why I hope he wins.

  2. you were right :)