Thursday 29 September 2016

Not Even Pretty

So Didact has a cogent piece about what the real price is for being a slut or whore. The price is her soul:
He is 100% correct in saying this, and 100% correct in saying that even a virgin can have that thousand-cock stare. Especially one who voluntarily elects as a virgin to become a Dubai Porta-Potty.

The really strange thing is that this (Russian) girl just isn't that pretty.

Seriously. Look at that face, those eyes, that mouth, that body-language. It all screams "high-priced nasty entitled cunt". It's completely dark, cold and dead inside - too the point of oozing through the fake shell/casing. That's the thousand-cock stare in a nutshell: cold and dead inside. To paraphrase/rephrase Didact: the soul is gone from this one.

In a very warped way I'm kinda glad that this one has gone to Dubai to be a toilet. That is, literally, it's only possible use in life: to be shit on. To be used as a cum-dumpster, endlessly. To be infected with every disease possible, so that the rarer and more worthy women are not.

There is no way in hell that any man should ever get this one pregnant. Not accidentally, not knocked up by a client, nohow noway. That soulless vacuum, that sucking void, will inexorably suck the life out of anyone or anything that isn't coated in teflon and insulated with a foot of asbestos. Any child/ren will be inevitably destroyed.

Those Arab Princes can have this one.

With our blessings and good wishes and many hopes for their enjoyment.


  1. Just going by the picture alone, I would rate her at a HB6 or 7 and that is with her fakeup on. So deduct two points and she's a HB4 or 5. Those Arabs must be mighty thirsty to pay her as much as they do.

    1. If she had any warmth and soul in her, she'd go up to a 7-8. Perhaps more, depending upon intangibles such as attitude and heart.

      Like I said: they can have her.