Thursday 21 September 2017

The Hillary-Jacinda Effect

Here in NZ, we sweated through 9 years of leftist/communist crazy under Helen "the Teeth" Clark, from 1999 to 2008. When "the Teeth" lost the erection in 2008 to National, she had a spaz (threw her toys out of the cot) and went off to the UN.

It seems like every 9 years or so there's a new government gets elected - possibly because the old government has pissed off the new voters, so they dump them and try for their opposite. (That's just a personal theory, no basis in fact.) Looks like this is the next 9-year stretch about to start, with the erection in 2 days time.

What is being called "the Jacinda effect" is from a Helen "the Teeth" Clark clone. The most telling thing is what I'm seeing in the media:

* praise Jacinda (and Labour) to the skies

* spit on all National candidates as being scum of the earth

Now lets be blunt, they're all fucking assholes. Just a bunch of rich, greedy fucks in a popularity contest to see who can get their snout in the public fuckin' trough. Kissing ass and backstabbing all the way up the ladder.

And I am forced to note the eerie similarities between Hillary Clinton and Jacinda Ardern, our local commie cunt. Especially how the local media is slapping her up on a golden pedestal for all to worship.

I think that this is New Zealand's moment of truth, just like what happened between Hillary and Trump in the American election.

We don't have a local edition of Trump to vote for. So, I am going to force myself to go in and vote for National.

Pretty-much anything is better than enduring another dose of "the Teeth" from another fuckin' female wannabe leftist-socialist-commie mein presidente.

Wish us fuckin' luck, we're gonna need it.

(Yes, the New Zealand Labour party started out as a commie/socialist party. We know how well that worked out for Russia and Germany.)


  1. Why not vote NZ First- do you think Winston Peters will side with Labour? Even though John Key was a traitor I do think National is the lesser evil at this point.

    Labour: Give New Zealand to dole bludging 3rd worlders, especially Muslims. Pay them all to vote for commie freebies off the back of the white man. A few generations of this, and most "kiwis" will vote commie in perpetuity, even as civilization collapses into a third world shithole. NZ is already halfway there.

    National: Give New Zealand to the Chinese. Let them launder their dirty money into New Zealand real estate, thus boosting the wealth of landowners (who tend to vote National) while all other kiwis get priced out of ever owning a house in their own country.

    At least the Chinese aren't Muslims, they tend work, they tend to stay out of trouble, and they tend to have 3-digit IQs.

    1. I'm a little worried about Winston. He has been an opportunist in the past. Coalition governments are hard bastards to hammer together, there's no surety with what you might get.

      Your remarks re Labour and National align with mine also. Of the two I'd rather have the Chinese and other asians in (Just Another Fuckin' Asian, in Auckland now). Their values might be different from ours, however they're not completely insane.

      Yes, their money is dirty and laundered and from the Tongs and etc - however they're actually buying stuff. They're not blowing it up, burning it down, stealing it, shooting and raping the local citizens. And at the end they're not holding out a hand with a greasy smile for the next dole handout.

      That makes the asians vastly better than the Muslim epidemic which is currently gang-fucking Europe and Scandinavia and etc. As a minimum 10,000% better.

      One thing that worries me about the Hillary-Jacinda thing, is the way the media has gone ga-ga-gazonkas over her. Ultimate bias without any chance of refutation. "The young people respond so well to Jacinda..."

      "The Left is all about fucking kids and making it cool." Hmmm, what happened to pizzagate too?

      Well, we'll see.

  2. Was watching the Jacinda speech at the end of the night. Lots of screaming and shrieking "Jacinda!" "we love you" etc. The tv didn't actually show who was doing that, I'm guessing labour got most of the mentally ill feminist vote.

    1. I couldn't bring myself to watch that. I have a weak enough stomach, no point to abusing it. Though since they didn't actually show...why not? Interesting thoughts re canned applause and the like.

      From what I could see, Labour got relatively little of the National voters and gutted the hell outta the Maori Party along with the NZ First and Green parties. Or perhaps there were just so many new, naive, younger voters that they overwhelmed the existing votes.

      It still wasn't enough, by far.