Wednesday 13 September 2017

Nothing Compares

Sinead O'Connor, oh my.

Born 8 December 1966, younger than I am by several months.

Whatta fuckin' train wreck.

Shaves her head way back when, starts to grow her hair back, shaves it again - permashave now. Does an open letter to Miley Ray Syphilis about sexualising women in music.

Four different children to four different men: Jake w/John Renolds (married), Roisin w/John Waters (married), no children w/Nick Sommerlad (married), Shane w/Donal Lunny (not married), Yeshua w/Frank Bonadio (not married), no children w/Steve Cooney (married), no children w/Barry Herridge (married - for 17 days, only 7 days spent together).

Hang on, that's 7 men. She only married 4 of them - and only 2 of the men she was married to she bore children to. That's 2 "single mommy" events, where the fuck does she get off giving Miley Ray Syphilis advice on the sexual comportment of wimminz?

Har fucking har!

Now looks like a great grandma biker chick, tatted to the max and rammed face-first into the steel wall of a battleship at the age of 50 years.

Grief, I look better'n her. And I'm pleasantly ugly at best.

Now the poster-child for feminism has had a meltdown. Poor, poor, pitiful me...

Thank you, Terrence and Blake of Redonkulas.


  1. If Sinead is all so unhappy, why don't she just write a song about it?

    1. She did. Just look at the lyrics of Nothing Compares.