Saturday 16 September 2017

Empty Shells

A lot of the anger in the manosphere is due to the realisation of the lies that we have been taught.

(I sometimes wonder if it is also a part of what Keoni Galt calls the Feed Corporation - shitty food having screwed with our brains to the point of many becoming somewhat autistic. Of course, constant brainwashing from a young age through schools would have the same effect. Perhaps even complementing and reinforcing each other.)

For some of us - once we get through the rage phase, through the bargaining stage, past the depression and into the acceptance stage, there's a quieter period when we attempt to dig through to the truth of "why".

One of the things we should probably ask ourselves is: "Why are we so pissed off?"

Okay, there were lies and indoctrination shoved down our throats ad nauseum. We've gotten through that by now, we're trying to find the next stage. But there's sometimes still something stuck in our collective craws...

Anger. Still.

The thing is that this anger is misplaced.


Because the subjects of our ire are empty shells.

Bland, banal, worthless, empty shells. Of no worth or meaning to the world.

In aggregate, most cannot make or do anything which has the slightest meaning. An endless treadmill of nothing, nothing, nothing. Which is why they attempt to fill this nothing with shopping, "experiences", and general dipshit more nothingness.

Their only true value is in siring the next generation. Even at that, they suck brass monkey balls. Which is why they fuck it up so royally.

But boy, are they awesome when it comes to psyops - mentally fucking with the head, in such a manner that you overlook their general worthlessness.

Of course, a lot of men are likewise empty shells. These are similar parasites on society and the world as the shitty women are.

Grasping, greedy, pigs who are all too happy to get their hands into our pockets. The eternal cry of equality and similar bullshit - just another way for a parasite to lie, saying that they're fuckin' useless and can only live by sponging off you.

"Give me free shit!"

Without actually saying that so baldly to our faces.

'Cause if they did, what might happen?

Women just aren't important. 'Nuff said.

Fuck bitchez. Get money.

And enjoy yourself.

Your life will be so much better.

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