Monday 11 September 2017

Can't Understand Normal Thinking

You got it, that's from Terrence Popp of Redonkulas: Can't Understand Normal Thinking, aka C.U.N.T. (Sounds refreshing, but it isn't.)

That's a large number of women that you meet. We harp on about 'em endlessly, here in the Manosphere. All a part of taking the "Red Pill" as it were.

Occasionally though, you run across one that stands head and shoulders above the rest. You would swear that they're so damn stupid, they were dropped on their head at birth repeatedly - and are literally nothing more than a walking vagina. Certainly, nothing up there is working.

Ran across a prize example today.

At a mall, buying some electrical stuff - back to the car - head out of the mall and back to work.

At a pedestrian crossing, a woman pushing a pram. Being a normal person I stop and let her walk across (as per law anyway).

Halfway across, halfway to the footpath - she steps off the ped crossing and starts walking right down the middle of the damn road where cars drive.

Right in front of me, this extreme nutjob pushing her pram down the road instead of the footpath, literally 1m (about a yard, for you American readers) away from a wide and safe and unoccupied footpath.

So I'm stuck with tootling along behind this crazy cunt for about 50-60 meters.

Darwin, you are utterly fucked in this civilization of ours. Sometimes I'd just like to give you a helping hand, know what I mean.

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