Monday 1 February 2016

Real Female-Centric Society

To preface: I've known several people who state that New Zealand appears to be a "social experiment". If it happens here socially, the rest of the world is about 10 years behind on shit that is going to happen.

Got that? Keep it firmly in mind. You'll click to why by the end.

In my last post about Fleas, Lice and Ticks, I stated this:
This commentor makes what I consider to be one major mistake in his thinking: he considers hypergamy/parasitism to be unrestrained. In my opinion he is 100% wrong with that thinking.

Parasitism is lauded and actively encouraged in our matriarchical woman-centric society. Just ask most long-term married men and the victims of frivorce and the children who have been weaponized by mommy so she can use them to beat daddy over the head for child-support.
Which by itself probably makes any feminist/leftist cunt squirm - right before they launch a screaming tirade of filth about what a woman-hating misogynist fucking pig that I am. And then start calling for my death.

Plus, I've written quite a bit about what fucking worthless pieces of shit single mommies are, et-fucking-cetera. Cue more ranting, screaming, dribbling and frothing hatred.

Which indicates to me that I've stuck the knife in real deep and twisted it in such a manner that it hits their personal weaknesses.

But now:

This is where our matriarchal, female-centered, gynocentric society goes outright fucking crazy-insane.

Let's begin with this image snapped from Twatter:
Revolting as it seems, this is actually true. Krystal Harvey of Waiuku sexually assaulted a 1 year old child.

There's some more background:

1/ She is 23 years old

2/ The 1 year old child was a boy

3/ The 1 year old boy was her own son

4/ She filmed it for a minute or so

5/ She sold the film to a pedophile (who is 21 years old) for $300

6/ When the pedophile got caught, she was found out

7/ She was charged in June 2015 and admitted it in August 2015

8/ She's not going to jail - she merely got 8 months of home detention

9/ She attempted to get name-suppression - which thankfully failed!

You can read some more of the sordid story on the NZ Herald: No jail term for child abuser (just released on the 25th of January, 2016).

You can also read: Woman sentenced for abusing baby and selling footage (which states that apparently she knew that the pedophile would publish the movie up online). She will also be monitored for 20 months - from this link:
Her lawyer Annabel Maxwell-Scott told RNZ that meant Harvey would have to return to court every three months and she would be in the system longer than if she had been jailed.
Which tells us that a woman raping a baby would get less than 2.5 years in jail (28 months) - IF SHE WERE ACTUALLY JAILED.

There's a whole lot of other mealy-mouthed blather in the both of those links (reportedly from the fucking COURTS) which makes me very angry. It's probably a good thing that I live in the North Island, else I might be tempted to join the chorus who are making threats against her.

Also according to her lawyer:
But Harvey was a "naive and vulnerable young woman", she said, who had had "an extremely difficult upbringing".
Naive and vulnerable enough to get tatted and pierced up, which is female sexual display for "I'm a slut, fuck me". Naive and vulnerable enough to be a single mommy with a baby girl and a baby boy, so she had no end of actual guys fucking her in her life.

This makes me wonder if all women should be locked away. Partly for their own protection. Mostly for the protection of society as a whole.

One last thing to note:
  • Child abuse is RIFE in New Zealand
Think about that little social construct, coming to the society where you live, sometime in the next 10 years.


  1. Good point about there being no such thing as unrestrained hypergamy, btw.

    This is tradcon jargon seeping into the manosphere. It isnt societys fault women are hypergamous or retarded whores. Its womens fault they refuse to see how damaging & fucked up their actions are.

    Of course instead of blaming women for their actions, it magically turns into society, ie men not stopping women from becoming parasitic whores ...

    Typical tradcon double think, dont blame the woman, blame the victims she preys on ...

    1. I'm going to blame all sides for this one.

      It is society's fault in that it is a set of "rules" by which society limits and constrains the behaviours of its members in such a manner that it is conducive to civilisation. And civilisation is very beneficial for all members.

      It is women's fault in that women know their own natures and they used to vigorously enforce the rules of society. They knew that it was ultimately for all their benefit.

      It is men's fault in that they knew this, only they got weak and started listening to the whining mewlings of their women.

    2. I hate to disagree, but civilisation isnt beneficial for all

      Civilisation is terrible for women, as it dramatically reduces the number of physically fit alpha's, which is why women go out of their way to pass insane laws screwing over men ...

      Also its impossible for men to fix broken women

      Women made their choice, & chose alpha thugs & criminals over decent men, you cant fix crazy women overdosing on hordes of alpha cock

      MGTOW exists, precisely because men know you cant fix crazy women

      You can however demand they take responsibility & demand change ...

      Women exist to take demands from men, its about time men realised the basic subservience of women to mens demands

  2. Fun fact: pretty much every male serial rapist was sexually abused by an adult woman as a child. That's where they learned that that kind of thing is ok. That's where they learned how to hate. As is bent the twig, so grows the bough.

    Oh, and a great deal of this abuse happens in youth detention centers (aka: prisons for children). Seems that people simply assume that women don't sexually abuse children - it's always them horrible menz that are the pedophiles.

    They're making a rod for their own back. Raising a generation of men who DGAF. We are already seeing it. MGTOW is the thin edge of the wedge. MGTOW are moderates, compared to what is coming.

  3. @BPS apologies for the spam lol

    Great comment from RedPill, exposes the uselessness of women ...


    The mistake society makes is treating women like adults and allowing them to pretend they have learning comprehension beyond the rote memorization of words. Women are incapable of grasping 3 dimensional images or concepts. There is no meta analysis for women.

    Much the way a chimp or an ape can associate an image with its name, but not truly understand the deeper contexts of either, so too can women pretend to comprehend literature, life science, law, history, humanities, etc. They can memorize and recite definitions of words and trivia but they have no meaning for them. This is why women can't learn math beyond pre-algebra. They can't process data beyond the most simplistic of processes.

    Think how horrifying the implications are for female doctors. They can memorize anatomical images with the appropriate name but they are completely sans the aptitude to grasp the fluid concepts of physiology. They are neotenic because their brains have only 1/5 the grey matter of men. They have to have boundaries and restrictions placed on them not only for their safety but for ours as well."