Saturday 13 February 2016

Social Transport

Feminists, leftists, Marxists, and other assorted SJW fucktards - this will make you cry. Good.

Along with the transport of goods (as per my Social Microclimate post) comes the transport of ideas. Also, inadvertently, the transport of disease.

Some ideas are little more than diseases of the mind.

So, the time of the Romans. The roads carried both goods and the ideas which created the classical world. It also carried the soldiers - the Roman Legions - to all parts of the Empire. Roman Law guaranteed safe passage along the roads, much like we take for granted the safety of driving around on roads through our modern-day countries.

The Mediterranean was actually the major means of transport of goods throughout the classical world. Via water it basically took 4 months to go from one end of the classical world to the other. Supposedly for the same price that it took to move a ton of grain about 75 miles via oxcart, you could ship it to the other end of the empire. This goes to show the real efficiency and ease of water-power. (That's why shipping is such a big thing even these days, and probably will be forevermore.)

Then Islam rose. They sank every ship they could, killed and raped and enslaved whatever they could, and basically cut all sea transport in former classical times down to nothing. The Black Plague was a known problem in the Mediterranean: formerly it would take 4 months to spread throughout the classical empire. With Islam destroying everything they could see, the spread of the Black Plague took 4 years.

This was the time that most of us think of as the Dark Ages. A time of bloodshed, destruction, impoverishment, violence, and widespread ignorance. Common "theory" states that the classical empire was destroyed by Germanic tribes invading - Dr Bill Warner contends otherwise. I find his explanation very compelling (yes, I've linked it here before).
Slave-trading, slave-trading, slave-trading.


Gutenberg invents the printing press. All of a sudden thoughts and ideas can be duplicated extremely easily and widely dispersed. Better, it allowed standardizing the written/printed language. Through England the canals enhanced the transport of goods, then roads got better, and eventually we developed engines: lighter and with more power than horses.

Along with the easier travel of goods follows ideas, expanding across the world. Like the old Roman Empire, the British Empire conquered and spread. "The sun never sets on the British Empire." That mindset, that cultural attitude, that social construct, was spread by force across the face of the world. Eventually the mindset waned, the sun did set on the British Empire, and the Commonwealth was abandoned.

These days we've gotten lazy - our Social Transport mechanism only carries propaganda and ideas around. This was originally via media, the radio and television, and now the internet. Through these social mediums we subvert the social mores of other cultures. We are rich and successful, we do this, therefore if you do this you will become rich and successful.

So people in Thailand take the second-most number of selfies in the world and post them up on Instagram every fucking day. And are bummed that they're not #1 any more.

Of course, our intellectual property is taking the fast-lane out of the West, heading over to the East where it is put into physical form and shipped back to us. Our secrets, our expertise, handed over to others because:

1/ it's cheaper to hire their slave-labor than do it ourselves

2/ we're too lazy to do it ourselves anyway

What we're not really noticing - because we are afraid? - is the mass-importation of the Islamic social construct into our culture. This is why we have things like:

a/ England importing Pakistani's into Rotherham and allowing them to run a child sex slave ring for nearly 20 years

b/ Netherlands, women refusing to lay charges against their Muslim rapists

c/ Australia, the Sydney gang rapes in 2000

d/ Australia, the Sydney hostage drama with Islamic extremists

e/ Germany, the well-publicised gang rapes recently

f/ Netherlands, women "not wanting to be protected" by their own men

The Frog agrees to carry the Scorpion across the river, because the Scorpion promises not to sting it. Halfway across the Scorpion stings the Frog. As they drown, the Frog asks: "Why?" The Scorpion simply replies: "Because it is my nature."

Why do women seek to destroy their men, when they promised otherwise? ("To love, honor, and obey.") It is their nature. And we enable it, in our warped and twisted social construct, which we are busy transporting to the rest of the world.

But sub-rosa, the Islamic social construct is being imported right back into our Social Microclimate. The Islamic social construct includes sexual slavery and intolerance of all other religions. Built right into its core doctrine. That is their Social Microclimate, a harsh and unforgiving one. A social construct which condones cutting a man's head off in front of his wife, then raping her in the bloody mess.

Women these days seem to be saying of these imported social trash: "He raped me, but I forgive him. He didn't know any better."


Another word for fucking insanity. It's as if she is almost glad of the raping, at least someone felt that she was worth giving some sexual attention to.

Let me draw you a very graphic and hopefully disturbing-enough picture to properly get it into the average Joe's head (though Femicunts, lefticunts, Marxicunts, and SJWcunts are blind by definition - they will never understand that 1 + 1 = 2, they will always believe that 1 + 1 = unicorns that shit rainbows):

Here are 500,000 people. In their home country, because sexuality is so restricted and women are so scarce, they will gather together in groups. As a group they will gang-rape any woman that they happen to come across, of practically any age. Then the woman is "honor killed" by her family for bringing shame to the family. When they can't find a woman, the group will happily gang-rape any handy goats. They will also gang-rape young boys.

All of a sudden these 500,000 people want OUT of where they are. Being a wonderfully warm-hearted people, you graciously allow them into your country. You help them with free homes, give them basic food and clothing, and forgive them their idiosyncrasies - after all "they don't know any better".

Then one day you come back from work to find a large group of them on your front lawn, in full view of the entire neighborhood - who are watching with vague expressions. The group are busily and happily gang-raping your wife, your daughter(s), your young son(s), your sister, your wife's sister, your mother, your dog, your cat, and a couple of goats that they bought along for nostalgic reasons. (Imagine: "No man ever forgets raping his first goat." With a little tear of fond remembrance in the eye.)

And you stand there, limply wringing your hands, whimpering: "Oh the poor dears. The poor, poor dears. They don't know any better..."

Exporting and reinforcing and doubling down on the mental disease that is Feminism? Deliberately importing the mental disease that is Islam so that it can destroy your own social construct? I don't know which is fucking worse.

I do know that both are equally fucking insane. Because the morons doing this are willfully blind to the damage they do. In fact they seem to delight in it, like some addict shooting themselves up with ever-increasing doses of the latest drug du joir. One last high before you fucking die.

Please, just cut your own throats en-masse right now. Save the rest of us the hassle of dealing with the toxic social results of your fucking insanity.


  1. Somehow, I doubt they will put much thought towards upkeep of basic infrastructure either:

    1. Of course they won't. Shades of Barak Obama's "you didn't make that", only reversed to "we didn't make that". So they won't fix it - and probably can't anyway.

      Good video btw.