Wednesday 2 March 2016

I, Zombie

As we wander through
A hive of unending tedium
Lonely and empty
Lacking enduring love
Where the endless days
Repeat the same empty life
For me
For you
With a lack of substance
With a lack of goals
With a lack of reality
With a lack of meaning
Staring vaguely into the mirror
Mouthing a meaningless drone
The mindless nothing
Drags us down
Into the empty daze
Of the eternal sleepwalker


  1. That reminds me of Fitter, Happier;

  2. Nice, nice... I like the rest of your posts too...

    What general area are you in? Reason I ask is that I have a friend who ghosted after some horrible experiences with his ex-wife. She even tried to poison him. He's a decent guy of course. Too decent. I gave him a redpill manifesto, which blew his mind, but he would probably benefit from a local friend with redpill knowledge. He could probably teach you a thing or two about gardening. He comes into Nelson every so often for shopping. Would you be interested in meeting him?

    Keep up the good work!

    1. It always happens to the Nice Guy™. If he's ghosted then he's already learned the most important lesson of all. I also seem to be on my way towards ghosting, simply as a reaction to the crazy that I can no longer excuse or explain away.

      I'm in the North Island, closer to Auckland than Wellington. Good luck to your friend.

  3. Thanks for that. For some reason I got the impression you were in the South Island. I myself am in Auckland, but am looking to relocate to the upper South Island. Got to do it before the puppetmasters start WWIII and everything goes to shit, which shouldn't be too far off, because they need to shift the blame for the inevitable financial collapse. WWIII would also serve their, um, demographic goals. But NZ should pull through better than most. After all, the puppetmasters will need somewhere to live until the radiation blows over. Good luck with your own ghosting.

    1. We are on track for a good purging. If not via war, then a nice plague or perhaps mass insanity and riots might do the job for us.

      Zirka or Ebola or the simple Bubonic would all be favorites. I don't envy the people in America. They already have Bubonic there, have had for decades. One of those things kept quiet.

    2. This planet needs an enema.